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Welcome to PonyvilleSquare!

Welcome to our server. Here we play in a combination of creative, survival and roleplaying games based on the popular TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic We know you’re eager to get playing on our server, but please take a moment to briefly review our rules before joining. You can find the IP to the server at the end of the rules documentation below.

Forum and Server Rules:

This is the quick guide to the forum and server rules, full rules have yet to be announced

  • Obey all admins. Their names are in red, if you are uncooperative and unreasonable when asked to do something, you will not last here.
  •  You must be over 13 years of age to play on the server. 
  • You are liable for all actions on your account regardless of the person who actually made those actions.
  • We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason.
  •  Roleplaying in the server’s main /g chat is not allowed.
  • Singing in the server’s main /g chat is not allowed.
  • Griefing, Trolling, Insulting, Threatening, and otherwise generally bothering other players will not be tolerated
  • Discussions of Hacking, Drug References, and NSFW are not allowed on either server or forums. 

The server IP is

We also have a second IP, it's

Basics of playing on PonyvilleSquare


We use Minecraft version 1.11.2 to play on PonyvilleSquare (PVS). We do not update right away to the latest version as we run a lot of custom plugins on our server and the necessary updates always take a while to implement.


We have a system of ranks here on PVS, these limit what you can do initially on the server in order to protect us from griefers and maintain the quality of our project worlds. The currently online players can be viewed by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. Their names will show up in various colors to display their rank. You can find out about all the ranks and how to get promoted in our Ranks and Promotions page here: ()

Guests – Greymanes

These players are guests in our community and cannot edit any blocks in any of our worlds.

 Freebuilders – Whitemanes (Color not shown)

These players can edit blocks in the freebuild worlds

CMCs – Yellowmanes

These players are taking the CMC builders test to get Builder rank

Builders – Greenmanes

These players can work on our main project worlds. This includes the main Equestria world

 Admins – Redmanes

These players help run the server and deal with a lot of the technical issues as well as keeping order on the forums and the server. They also ban people.


Frequently used commands:

  /item <ItemID#> <qty>

So you’re probably wondering how to get stuff. We run a Pseudo-creative server, which means you will never have creative mode. In order to get blocks we run this command. Here’s a link to a list of item Id #s: (minecraft wiki)

You can put -1 in the quantity to get infinite blocks.


This is enabled automatically when you join the server. It turns on automatic protection, so you will never lose health, hunger, drown, or take any damage from any source.


Turns off god mode.


Enables the flight function. This allows you to fly in survival mode just as in creative mode. Repeating the command toggles the function on or off.

/tp <playername>

Teleports you to a player

 /tptoggle <mode>

Toggles through the available tp settings. You can set yourself to ALLOW, DENY, or REQUEST. Allow just lets any incoming tp commands work automatically. Deny always denies the teleport. Request lets you select whether you want to accept or deny a teleport request to you.

 /warp <warpname>

Warps you to a preset location in one of the worlds.

Chat commands:

 /g <your text>

This is the main chat, which can be heard by everyone on the server.

/local <your text>

This is a local chat, which is limited to an area around yourself.

  /rp <your text>

This is the roleplaying chat for when you want to roleplay. There are 4 channels available: rp, rp2, rp3, rp4. Please use an open one if you’d like to start a new roleplay. Normal server chat rules apply in roleplaying.

/spoiler <your text>

This is used for discussing recently released episodes of My Little Pony, or other major events that others might not want to know about before they see it themselves. The general rule is that you must use spoiler chat for about a week after an episode is released.


Here’s a short list of some of the things you’ll find we offer as a server.

   World downloads. Get the world saves here.

  Dynamic map of all worlds updated every second.

 Colonizations The survival server info.

Additional Notes:

There is a border of air around the worlds, anything changed past the border is automatically deleted everyday.

Clicking on something with the Compass will teleport you. Left click for teleporting on top of whatever you click, or right click to teleport through things.

You can repair items by placing down redstone dust and then using whatever you want repaired to break the redstone.


If you have Trouble or Questions:

Do NOT Personal message random admins. We have a support forum where you can ask questions about technical issues you’re having.

If you find your build has been griefed, use a stick to tap at whatever blocks are damaged and take a screenshot of the output and report it in the reports forum here. Do NOT attempt to repair the damage as it just makes it harder for us to fix it later. We can restore damaged builds from backups instantly, so just let us know and we can get it fixed.

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