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  1. Useful Commands: /item <ItemID#> <qty> So you’re probably wondering how to get stuff. We run a Pseudo-creative server, which means you will never have creative mode. In order to get blocks we run this command. Here’s a link to a list of item Id #s: (minecraft wiki) You can put -1 in the quantity to get infinite blocks. /god This is enabled automatically when you join the server. It turns on automatic protection, so you will never lose health, hunger, drown, or take any damage from any source. /ungod Turns off god mode. /fly Enables the flight function. This allows you to fly in survival mode just as in creative mode. Repeating the command toggles the function on or off. /tp <playername> Teleports you to a player /tptoggle <mode> Toggles through the available tp settings. You can set yourself to ALLOW, DENY, or REQUEST. Allow just lets any incoming tp commands work automatically. Deny always denies the teleport. Request lets you select whether you want to accept or deny a teleport request to you. /warp <warpname> Warps you to a preset location in one of the worlds. Chat commands: /g <your text> This is the main chat, which can be heard by everyone on the server. /local <your text> This is a local chat, which is limited to an area around yourself. /rp <your text> This is the roleplaying chat for when you want to roleplay. There are 4 channels available: rp, rp2, rp3, rp4. Please use an open one if you’d like to start a new roleplay. Normal server chat rules apply in roleplaying. /spoiler <your text> This is used for discussing recently released episodes of My Little Pony, or other major events that others might not want to know about before they see it themselves. The general rule is that you must use spoiler chat for about a week after an episode is released.
  2. Ranks and Promotions: We have a system of ranks here on PVS, these limit what you can do initially on the server in order to protect us from griefers and maintain the quality of our project worlds. The currently online players can be viewed by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. Their names will show up in various colors to display their rank. Guests – Greymanes These players are guests in our community and cannot edit any blocks in any of our worlds. You are free to explore every world and you can type into any chat. Freebuilders – Whitemanes To become a Freebuilder, please make a post on the forum in Introductions, and tell an admin on the server. Currently this is the only way to become a Freebuilder. These players can do everything a Guest can, and can now also edit blocks in the Freebuild worlds. CMCs – Yellowmanes These players are taking the CMC builders test to get Builder rank. You will have access to the Submissions world only during the test. You will still be able to build in the Freebuild worlds during this time. Read about the CMC test here! Builders – Greenmanes These players can work on our main project worlds. This includes the main Equestria world. They can access and build in any world on the server, and can help run projects. Admins – Redmanes These players help run the server and deal with a lot of the technical issues as well as keeping order on the forums and the server. They also deal with any other issues that may arise, including suspensions or bans. Please do not apply to become an Admin, there is no test to become one.
  3. This is actually being planned and designed as we speak! It's been a long time coming, but we know it's been irritating to new and returning players to not have. Thank you for your feedback, we hope to have something in the near future.
  4. To clarify to anyone else reading, we sorted this on Discord. Anyone is allowed to host the backups on their own servers, they just can't use the Brohoof name. I'm glad we got this settled.
  5. As I said, anyone is welcome to download and use our backups, but I would not advertise your server as Brohoof. Brohoof has been discontinued as a server, and the previous owner does not wish to see it return. That is why PonyvilleSquare exists. PonyvilleSquare is the official continuation of Brohoof, in a way.
  6. I'm sorry, you appear to be misinformed. PonyvilleSquare was set up by the old admin team of Brohoof, with the full permission and blessing of the original Brohoof owner. The backups of Brohoofs are ours to own, of which we allow anyone to download.
  7. Have started a bit of research into this, but I really need people to post ideas of what they would like a bot to do, what bots there are, and importantly how secure they are. I do like the idea of a promotion bot, that would help streamline things a bit. But if we had a music bot, how would that work? Would it be restricted to one channel?
  8. Please don't PM admins on the forum about things like this. An admin will appear on the server in due time, and making a thread is the right course of action.
  9. Seeing how popular this appears to be, rather than calling it a debate pit, howabout just a section of the forum in Off-Topic called "Serious Topics"? Have this section with very specific rules, no insults or hatred, no memes, no getting out of hand, and breaking any of them would result in warnings or higher. It's a compromise I slept on. Calling it a debate pit kinda does insinuate bad things, but hey, what do you think?
  10. To give some feedback from my point of view/an admin point of view. I've moderated one of these types of things before, and I don't particularly want to do it again. Maybe a little selfish, but I'm being open about it. I saw it devolve into a place where people just turned on each other, even on external chat programs. We are a 13+ place, but some topics can never seem to be discussed seriously. I'd like to be proved wrong, sure. But maybe a step at a time.
  11. That IP is correct. Please don't PM random admins when you already have the correct information.
  12. If people are unhappy with the theme, please note the Theme button at the very bottom of the page lets you switch back. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. What a coincidence though, eh? =P
  13. People may have noticed that the default theme of the forum has changed. If you want to, the old theme is still available to select at the bottom of the page under "Ponyville Square Blue". Hope you like it!
  14. Another art WIP! Team Valor, Team Mystic, Team Instinct gym badge designs. I am going to be 3d printing these when they are finished, but they have a little way to go until they are! Feedback appreciated!
  15. The Calistotter is pleased. Seriously these are so darn cute.