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  1. Was swapped around a lot but the original was beastdudz11 and i think towards the end it was Veila/Veila-Arts
  2. Thank you to Joy for mentioning the uuid. UUID:
  3. Heya, I'm a long time user from the old forums (Around Dec 2011) and I was wondering if I could get some of the old stuff background, if anything just the builders status. -Was just wanted to get back into the server a bit, and if anything have stuff still open if need be; although I don't wanna be too much of a bother, so take your time <3 {My old user names used within the server were Killersonic, from 2011 to mid 2016, then WolfeMoon from mid 2016 to around four days again when i swapped to Soalabe.}
  4. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Im glad to see the new server is getting up and going, brings back some memories. [I figure it would be best to introduce myself once again such as 5 years ago; I'm a pretty inactive bum that's too lazy to play most of the time. [_ [[Despite my inactivity, im super excited to look about and see some of the older members still running about, and I do hope to meet plenty of people in the near future <3 [_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Coming back is always fun, especially with a new land to explore!