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  1. I think you need to be ranked up. I joined a while ago so I forget the process, but I know there are signs and information out so people can figure it out if they try.
  2. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. I remember really being involved in Brohoof when I was trying to get my builder rank, then I kinda lost it when I got the rank. I think adding new goals to reach is a good idea.
  4. That's a really nice house. 10/10 house. I'm not that good of a judge, but if I were you I would add more foliage.
  5. ^ Spoiler ^
  6. SolarSweet Age: 20 Gender: Female Species: Earth Pony Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Making candy, cooking Birth town: Manehattan (I hope I spelled that right) History: SolarSweet was born in Manehattan with a loving mom and dad, her mother taught her how to bake and make candy. Solar was a young influential filly and would fall into a bad crowd at a young age, she got in a lot of trouble with the law, she would often steal from and hurt other ponies. Her parents kicked her out at 18 because of her acting out. She would move in with her boyfriend who would abuse her, during this time she learned to love cooking and dreamed of one day opening a candy store. Solar eventually got enough courage to brake up with her boyfriend, and make her attempt at having a candy store. Solar has tried to rekindle her relationship with her parents, but she feels as though she has put them through enough. Personality: Rambunctious, kind, silly, hot headed. Strengths: Cooking, drawing. Weaknesses: being social, making friends Family: mother and father, single child. Partner: none Friends/relationships: all her old friends were friends with her ex-boyfriend so she no longer talks to them. Likes: cooking, drawing, decorating Dislikes: cleaning, ponies, the colour yellow. Fears: social situations, people leaving her.
  7. Were you guys going to re-do the mascot? I am just asking because if you are you should do that before the banner.
  8. I'm here to help if you need me, I check this site often so you can PM me or hit me up on Discord ( SaviBear#7527 )
  9. I don't currently have the mod, but as I remember liteloader is safe as long as you are getting it from the right place. I think it just made it run correctly and better.
  10. I found this on DA and I wanted to share it.
  11. I played this in the car while on a road trip to tickle my humor. I love the one that is like "Will (from afar)"
  12. ty for the nice message sry i was at dance earlier but i got it now hey if you wanna chat if you have skype mine is

    skype: zombieinblack03

    and i wont be on wednesdays


    1. SaviBear


      I mostly use Discord now, but I think I still have Skype on my tablet.

    2. PanzaKat


      i do have discord but i rarely use it


    3. SaviBear


      Do you think Skype is better, I love Discord. I do miss the screen share and video chats though.

  13. I am ashamed to say I main Hanzo, I am a horrible person.
  14. You got hate on DeviantArt? Man, I can't even get a comment. Still though I would love to see some of your art on here.
  15. I just grab a template and draw it on with SAI