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  1. Basically you finish off the sentence with your own personal expirience! EX: You know you like MLP when you have bookmarks for when the episodes air.
  2. Thank you for your support.
  3. I've noticed lately a lot of greymanes joining have a tendency to not read the forums and are very confused upon joining the server. They do not know about the introductions, warping out of the flat spawn, and about building rules. I propose we give a sign in the flat world they start in with a brief synopsis of the server and rules and a strong push to read the forums. I have an idea of what I hope it to look like at /warp Idea . Feel free to add or remove some of the content as long as the edit is helpful and not inappropriate. Here are a few screenshots:
  4. Hello EIJaUnCa! It is me again!
  5. Hi

    Hi this is ole me again! Had no idea this was here. Thought Brohoof was gone for good!