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  1. Forum and Server Rules: These must be followed. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action including suspension or a permanent ban with or without appeal. These rules may be adjusted/updated/changed without warning. Show respect to all on our server, whether on the server itself, the forums, and the Discord. People are different, and we’re all trying to have lots of fun! Keep all PVS mediums free of explicit content. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual and gore-filled content. Please also don't discuss hacking or drugs on the server, forum or Discord. Griefing is a big no-no. Destroying or otherwise affecting any work and/or construct of another player is not allowed, and applies to rule #1. Collaborating on builds requires specific consent by the original owner of the build, as to not confuse people working together with griefers. Advertising other servers is not allowed on the server, on any of its mediums. Advertising other things, such as art, and other media content is allowed. Don’t abuse it however, and be respectful to anyone in the place you are advertising in. Harassing and ‘annoying’ other players is prohibited. This rule applies to rule #1. Please do not sing or roleplay in the servers main /g chat. There are special channels for both of these so you can continue to have fun. If you have taken part in hacking other servers, we retain the right to remove you and ban you from our server, forum and Discord. Anyone is allowed to join the server, however those under 13 should take careful consideration and perhaps have the guidance of a parent or guardian when playing on Ponyville Square for help. We are a server of matureness, but we want to allow all people to enjoy the experience. The admins reserve the right to judge perpetrators based on the actual situation. You may receive more or less of a punishment based on your actions. Admins can ban for any reason they see fit. Bans can be appealed on our forums here.
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  3. Welcome
  4. Heart's & Hooves Day Heart Building Contest! Its time to spead the love! /warp Hearts&HoovesHeart2017 Pick a single plot, and build the best heart! The one that wins the contest will get a exclusive admin item! The contest will close and the hearts will be judged on February 15th Players can only pick one plot However, you can team up with others in a single plot (one plot per team)
  5. You cant blow up a glitch so Disarm
  6. I reclaim this science all for myself
  7. Oh yeah i can do this now
  8. oooh Bouncey