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  1. Bunch of stuff I uploaded to thingiverse over these last few days. Needed to clear out some of my files: Miniature My Little Pony roleplaying figurine pack Miniature My Little Pony roleplaying terrain pack FoE New Pegasus pack
  2. Got more 3D models uploaded

  3. Needs to be updated to 1.11.2 again.
  4. Can we move it so that info is the primary tab on the forums, and move the forums one over? I've yet to find a single greymane that even knew the location of the info page without prior being informed, and I think the slight inconvenience of more regular users needing to bookmark the page would not be very major at all compared to making sure that the new comers are properly informed.
  5. There are lots to choose from right here:
  6. Okay, yeah that sucks.
  7. Happy Birthday Cat Actor

  8. Hello
  9. You start school on Saturday? That's interesting.
  10. Welcome back James, good to see you again. So is this mostly a group of players versus an ongoing scenario? or more of players fighting each other?
  11. If you wish to join the roleplay at this time, you can meet up with Electric Arc and Solar Star in Ponyville.
  12. One of our members made this blanket and requested I post up an ad for it to help make money for the server, so I thought I'd post it here so everyone would know how much she put into it:
  13. I support it as well.
  14. Here's one I did long ago: Useful for dark backgrounds, not recommended on white
  15. And it turns out I'm definitely going to be on the road January 7th, so I'm quite likely to miss most or all of it. That's the day I drive back to school.