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  1. Cursed Canterlot Crimes ____________________________________ Plot Synopsis: A disease has struck Canterlot, where ponies who get sick suffer from weak back legs, severe sneezing, coughing up blood, hallucinations, and in the worst cases, constant painful hoof spasms. None of the ponies that have contracted the disease have recovered, but they do not seem to get any worse. The player’s ponies must contact the Zebra alchemist in the caves beneath Canterlot to acquire a cure, and attempt to solve the mystery of the cursed disease by contacting ponies within the city and putting together the clues. Players my begin the episode either from within Canterlot if that is where they normally live, or from outside. This is the starting tip to a Roleplaying is Magic module I've been working on with a friend these last few weeks. I am planning on using it for the basis for server quests, but if anyone here wants to play test go ahead. You can see the file here:
  2. So technically I'm supposed to be helping out with Griffon, but I may have run out of ideas. Does anyone want to pick up on some concept generation. It's kind of hard to get motivated to spend hours working on a class when all of 5 people voted for it. Personally, I think before class rework can be a major thing, there would need to be some kind of major rekindling of the server itself, as there isn't enough player attention even on COL right now to warrant spending large amounts of development time on it. Yes developing a Minecraft pony simulator is inherently fun, but who's going to even be around to enjoy the effort me or anyone else puts into it? We need some kind of goal behind all of this, it might just be me but I like working towards something, weather it be Minecraft or trying to rekindle Roleplaying is Magic, but is there any kind of goals towards working on races at this time? I'm pretty sure at this point that creating new content alone will not bring back a nearly deserted game.
  3. Me too, one day.
  4. Stuffs related to figurines and maps for roleplaying is magic
  5. Same here ^. Good to meet you.
  6. Yes
  7. Hello, I would like to propose adding in a particular roleplaying feature to PVS canon worlds. This will help new players have some activity to do in the creative worlds, broaden the appreciation for canon building by exposing people to the vast diversity of canon features, and help retain new player attention and develop a steady flow of new ponies wanting to come play. This roleplaying feature consists of multiple parts, interwoven together to form a complete whole, so I will explain each individually and then explain how they fit together and what the end result might look like. Playable Races: This is a feature we have already developed for the survival server known as COL, but what is odd is that it would be better suited to do something such as that in a canon world like Equestria, where it would make it significantly more fun to actually get to play as your preferred race. Though on it's own this is pointless since most of the survival skills are survival oriented, it could make a lot more sense if their was an activity that these skills could be applied to. What the key requirement is for this is to have many more playable races than are currently on COL, as many diverse people come on and want to play as different things, so having more variety I think is essential to making this plan work. To this end I have been working to up the race count from it's current 6, to 19. Programming all of the skills for those 13 new races is far from done, but steady progress is being made. The current six races also needed some minor rework to remove some of the more game breaking skills currently installed with survival in mind, with those more suitable to a creative style. I have the race work i have so far saved and if you would like it for any reason please let me know. Quests: The idea of this would be to have Equestria in survival mode, with a tutorial world for new logins to go through to train them on some of the key commands of the server and how to play, then new players would select what kind of race they wanted to be from the 19 or more options, and then be teleported to a starting area based on that race, for instance Unicorns would start in Canterlot, Pegasi in Cloudsdale, etc. Once there, they are immediately greeted by an NPC with a simple quest for them to perform. There are three kinds of quests in this system, basic quests that get you bits for simple services such as delivering cake, racial quests that get you xp for going on small adventures and testing your abilities, and main quests that involve the whole server trying to accomplish something in Equestria. This allows new ponies to complete some early adventures and gain experience playing, as well as gets them immediately involved in the server and activities, so new ponies will be sort of engaged immediately rather than just looking around wondering what they can do here. The system also works nicely as any rank should be able to participate, since quests and their rewards should never require any sort of building or otherwise altering the world, just that player's individual inventory and skills. Once they complete their first couple quests, then the more advanced race based quests, they can join in the main server quests, which would be world wide events kind of like some of the more major MLP episodes where Equestria was in trouble, except this time instead of the mane six, it would be players attempting the major quest. Of course for originality none of these quests would be exactly like MLP episodes, but the style is easy enough to emulate. The quests would probably at some point need to involve some danger too, so I would suggest using a combination of Malevolent Mobs and a variety of other tools to create, at least as best as possible, MLP like monsters and dangerous creatures, such as Timber Wolves, Windagos, Cockatrices, Hydras etc... Which would make the world much more interesting to play than the 100% guaranteed safe world we have now. Currency and leveling: In this system, the only way to gain currency and race experience for leveling up your pony character is through playing quests. The quests give either special items, bits or experience. This when combined with sign shops selling items in some of the stores across Equestria, allow you to spend bits on normal items and admin items to complete quests better. This could mean that item commands could be removed in canon, and players could go about collecting items in a more playable fashion, which I would think make playing the server more fun. This would also possibly bring back some of the admin item questing that was so popular, as items can be made either using a configured slimefun plugin, or just using ordinary admin items, to be MLP items that can have interesting and special abilities. Building Encouragement: I believe that this system will be a strong encouragement towards reviving canon MLP building on PVS. Players exploring the world may find that their starting areas are missing details or are too simple looking, and want to build up these areas with more details. This natural urge can be used to encourage more players to pursue actually becoming a builder on the server, as I believe because of the builders test's current configuration, the server has way overemphasized the construction of Ponyville and places that look like Ponyville, with a lack of diversity in either the building type or style. As an added bonus, if a player adds a house in canon, it could easily serve as a nice private base while playing the roleplaying server, as a wonderful place to stash items and supplies near their home town. Also, as an added possible feature, we could set the main towns in Equestria inside towny borders, so that players would need not only the base builder test, but individual permits and proposals to build inside major towns, making town management much easier. Houses could also be a commodity in the roleplaying game, for players to sell to other players to use as bases of operation and safe spots. Because Equestria is largely flat, most building projects involving one or two small houses can be simply built in plains or freebuild and then world edited in and smoothed into their new homes. For larger projects, a section of the Equestria could be copied to plains and then work could begin from there. This way the main world would not really ever need to be disturbed directly by builders, and thus there would be no need to interfere with the roleplay server permissions for building. I believe this would also be good, because it I think is less frightening to work on a copy of the Equestria world then directly in the main world, because if you make a mistake or something doesn't come out looking so good, you can always come back later and keep working, there has never been any space or time rush on plains world, and I think getting the stress and slightly overwhelming nature of our server down to encourage new ponies to join by making their experience simpler and easier to understand would be beneficial. Summary: To summarize what this proposal would end up looking like more or less, it would turn Equestria from a static and dead building showcase world, that is kind of behind a glass cover and not really alive and active, into a much more diverse and living roleplaying area, where players could interact directly with the world itself through quests, items, shops, races, mobs, and other exciting things based of MLP. I think this would be a great step forward for this server in rebuilding a stable playerbase, and generally give everypony a fun time. Management and construction: That all said, not much about what I laid out is very easy to implement. It is all very simple individual pieces, but it takes small amounts of dedicated work over time to make progress on such a large goal. Programming races, setting up good quests, setting up shops in canon, getting mob spawning setup and developing proper mobs. These are all very major tasks that are made of simpler sub tasks that need to be repeated over and over to develop a complete picture. For a single person to do this, or even a small group, would take a very long time to bring to completion. I and Xvynex have been working on bringing something like this to our server Enclave Equestria, but we feel that this kind of setup would be better on PVS. For something like this to be appreciated and really any fun for anyone, a broader player base would be much better than a very small player base. However, in order for this to be constructed, someone needs to have the ability to actually do the work, and so some sort of setup would need to be created by the administration, for people wanting to work on this project to be able to do so. Otherwise, achieving the end goals of this project would simply be impossible in any reasonable time frame. Conclusions: This is a somewhat ambitious project that if completed will bring about a complete shift in the way the server is able to adapt and build in the future, offering a completely new experience over the static worlds we have had before. If this initiative were to be combined with other major suggestions for the server, such as a reworking in the rank system, I could very well see a rebirth of PVS as a very impressive, attractive and fun server for MLP fans for years to come. Thank you for reading, Trotsky
  8. *Walks in and boops Doctor Charcoal in the back, setting his trousers on fire.* It would appear Charcoal burns hot...
  9. Hello everypony, I have been meaning to do this formally for awhile, but I feel somewhat compelled to put an explanation up for the events that have kind of happened with me and PonyvilleSquare recently, as I am under the impression having discussed it with a variety of people that my position may be unclear to some people. I firstly want to state that it was never my wish or desire to leave PonyvilleSquare. I care about the community and the friends I've made here, and this wonderful server that's been a pretty big part of my life for the past year and a half now. My choice to leave was based on the logic of where my position was at the time, as well as where my interests lie so far as playing My Little Pony in Minecraft, and how things have played out over time. I will not attempt to persuade you otherwise of your opinions that you have made of me over my time on the server, I'm sure you have your reasons for viewing me in which ever way you do. I would simply ask that you understand what the situation looked like from my prospective, and why it made sense for me to pursue the course of action I took. As most of you who know me here are aware, over the last 6 months or so, I have been on a somewhat uncertain path concerning the direction I should take as a member of the server. I like the server very much and want to contribute to it, however at the same time I felt pretty weak and like no one would listen to me regardless of what I said. This is not exactly the most pleasant, or workable kind of situation to be in. It perhaps might have not been the reality of the situation, but it was nevertheless my perception of it. For the first few months I tried to continue helping out as best as I could considering what I thought I was capable of doing. However over time it seemed to me that my participation in the server was not really developing along the same lines as the direction I was going, and I did not feel capable of either helping in the direction the server was moving in, or continuing in working in my interests, considering my access to the required material resources to progress in either direction. Overtime, the resulting lethargy left me somewhat depressed, as I did not feel able to be of any active participation in the server I enjoyed. Every possible task I could have under taken towards the benefit of the server, was for me, best done outside the server. This includes any building projects I would undertake, as building outside of PVS on a private server where access to building tools is unrestricted, is much easier and more efficient for a given effort, than going without those tools within the PVS server itself. Therefore, it would be more practical for any PVS building project I wanted to do, for me to do it elsewhere, and then just submit a schematic file of my work to the administration. This steadily got worse, until pretty much I concluded that the only thing I could really do on PVS was interact with my friends there, which was significantly easier to do through the chat program Discord, so I started spending less and less time on the server, and more of my time in chat. Also during this time and through discussions with friends, I realized that I just fundamentally was not interested in the COL survival server. Though I was developing the Outlands world at the time. I completed that project hoping that others would be able to enjoy it, but by the point I really knew it just was never going to be for me, and it would be best for me to break my ties to it completely, which would mean getting rid of my town and all the rest of my connections to it. My town was at the point nearly completely inactive, so it made sense to me that any players within my town, would be best seeking to be in a town that was active and going to continue, or in starting a new town on the foundations of CCCP under their own vision, than continuing with what I knew was going to eventually break and collapse due to neglect, because I simply was not interested in the game at a fundamental level. After that, I continued most of my minecraft projects I had with Mystic, who owns what is now Enclave Equestria. The idea being I would be able to continue my work with him, in a place that I was not limited to being completely incapable. This continued on for awhile and became the "PVS test server" idea, where me and Mystic could develop and test stuff for PVS and work on adding new features in a separate medium. However, this method of development fairly soon led to some pretty intense anxiety and mistrust between members of PVS and me and Mystic. The resulting rift in relations has remained ever since pretty much. This added stress of interaction combined with a position I thought was already hopeless so far as me having a plausible future with PVS and wanting to contribute. Eventually led me to conclude that the best course of action would be to leave PVS and continue development independently, as a stand alone server developing separate ideas. I discussed this with Mystic, and together we reset up the server he called "Enclave Equestria" My ultimate idea with this was to create a server more focused on roleplaying elements than on PVS's building focus. I do wish to apologize to those who I have hurt in the course of my actions, I know that the choices I have made have not been without pain and anxiety to those around me. I would reiterate that I very much enjoy and appreciate this server, and it pained me as well to leave. Some of you may never forgive me for what I have done in doing this, but I would like to strive towards trying to make amends for the past. I am ultimately just a person like all of the rest of you here, and I do not wish for the decisions I made to prevent maintaining positive relations with those who play here. It was never in my intentions to cause harm to the community by leaving, I simply became desperate and saw no other valid option. However, it is well within possibility that I may have made an error in assuming that the goals and directions of this server are in fact so very different than those I am interested in. So in all due respect I would like to ask the administration and the server as a whole if it would be okay for me to post a summary of the sort of direction me and Mystic are taking Enclave Equestria in, as it may yet to be to both of our mutual benefits to put the pain of the past behind us and work together again. Thank you for taking the time to read my long and somewhat depressing speech. I know for some of you discussing me is not a pleasant topic. I wish it could be otherwise. but such is the situation as I am currently informed it stands, and I can only thank you for considering this request despite the harshness that has led to it. Sincerely, HellSteedTrotsky
  10. There is the ever looming desire, "Unite the 'lings!" since you have like three separate hives. Or maybe it should be, "Unite the Mini Hepolite Alicorns!" for how OP they are.
  11. sure, can add skill with scimitars to Arabian ponies (that sub build of Earth Pony) Mostly sand related and endurance skills with this kind. Of the MLP races, they look the closest to actual horses and so will probably be swifter than normal earth ponies. As for nightmares, I need to revise that skill list. Having played one for awhile. I would say that they are great against other players, but that in their home environment in the nether, they really suck. This needs to be repaired somehow.
  12. I will not be running or taking part in this roleplay anymore so if someone else wants to help manage it they can take it over, otherwise it will probably just get shutdown eventually.
  13. Bunch of stuff I uploaded to thingiverse over these last few days. Needed to clear out some of my files: Miniature My Little Pony roleplaying figurine pack Miniature My Little Pony roleplaying terrain pack FoE New Pegasus pack
  14. Got more 3D models uploaded