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  1. I just saw the paperwork. My mom is adopting 2 kittens.

  2. If you have your UUID, that may be simpler. You can find it using
  3. 1.11.2: No longer able to change speed while flymode is not enabled. (Need to use /fly if in survival on modded server)
  4. Minelp's updated to 1.11.2. Others soon.
  5. Updated ItemDash and MineLittlePony.
  6. For reference. Tirek got banished then was thrown into a dungeon in the place he was banished to.
  7. Updated for 1.11.
  8. What were these concerns? Did you not have permission to include them?
  9. I like Rarity now.

  10. That is a weird RAM setup. Pro tip. Don't match differing RAM modules. They just slow eachother down. You may have some luck removing the 2GB one.
  11. Yes. I've fixed most issues with the models. I've posted a link to the beta on the discord channel.
  12. If you're taking about the missing left wing, I'm still working on it. Don't use optifine for now. If you're talking about wings being wrong when sneaking or riding, that will be fixed in the next version.
  13. is the website for the mod. is the website for this server.
  14. It's not a mod problem. The server hasn't updated yet.
  15. I'm going to name it after this.