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  1. The issue should be resolved now. Please try to log in again, and if it still doesn't work, shout at me and I'll try to fix it again ^^
  2. Having additional paths to profess into after reaching a level cap could indeed be cool, but without any ideas of what to add, executing that idea will prove quite hard. That has been one of the main reasons for why such a system hasn't been implemented yet. Just adding more skills which does the same as the previous skills isn't going to be any fun, and for gameplay reasons we can't add too many castable skills that are intended to be used within the same short time span. Another issue is that people often forget the abilities they have. Silly unicorns not remembering their own spells... That said, ideas for new skills are always welcome! This is absolutely a fancy idea! No idea why this hasn't been thought of earlier, but specialization of mobs could indeed prove quite a challenge for players. That ties into some other ideas for the damage model; magic would be just as dangerous as swords and bows. The idea being that certain armor is strong against physical attacks but weak against magical attacks, and vice versa.
  3. After looking at the data stored on disc, it is clear that the data is corrupt beyond repair. Manually restored an item from the bag from screenshots; was unable to recover any more items from the data otherwise. Origin of bug is still unclear, more research is needed. Can confirm that this is a server-side issue.
  4. Looks like you might have misunderstood the "account id" parameter. It is a number from 1 to 3, where 1 is the default account. Simply try /class acc 2 to swap to your second account. Hopefully that should fix your issue ^^
  5. Major changes: - Added Exotic Gardens Minor changes: - Made Exotic Garden foods compatible with our custom system - Trees can now be forced big if sneaking while using bonemeal - Elytra and fall damage is behaving as expected - Slimeblocks are more reliable and can now be hidden for aesthetical purposes - Possibly some other forgotten bugfixes Known issues: - Exotic Garden juices which provide a saturation effect do not work as expected
  6. Guess who's back to do stuff again! ^^

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      Glad to see you back, Mr. coding ace!

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      Nice! You're the best :D

  7. This issue has now been fixed, players (and nearby players) should no longer crash when disguising as mobs or players.
  8. I believe it used to be three days before the change, but that opened up for the possibility of individuals abusing the system to gain significant advantages during the weekly capture times. That said, the reason for this timer being here in the first place is to prevent people from being able to pull a "jack-of-all-trades" while also being master of everything. I can understand the timer getting in the way for, say, RP involving specific races. But for gameplay reasons, there has to be a limitation to the race changing.
  9. At present, the cooldown is set to be five days. The reason for the extended cooldown was to address some concerns about possible exploits related to racial changes. Apologize for the inconvenience
  10. The issue of having a hard time leveling up outside of water is known, and we hope to be able to alleviate that issue with future updates. For mob spawning underwater, I have some plans on how to execute that, but alternative (and easier, from a technical point of view) methods are being searched for. Regardless, mobs spawning underwater is definitely an issue that is being worked on.
  11. In certain updates, certain skills many be changed, which means that skill points might be lost for players. If you experience a loss of skill point, please contact an admin in-game, or post in this thread here. If you had any of these skills when they were removed/changed, you can be refunded your lost point: Careful Steps Teleport Group Dimension Group Jump
  12. Since last week, we've seen some races being a bit too overpowered, and some a bit underpowered. Changelings has been hit rather hard with nerfs this time around, and Unicorns have received some new abilities, and some stuff has been removed. This week, however, all races will finally have 25 skillpoints worth of skills! Most of the motivation of this update has been to get balance between races even better, as well as officially finalizing the six initial races. From this point and out, more effort can be spent expanding the system, and more time put into adding new and interesting features! General changes Movement - Attempted a bypass to more reliably obtain information for whether a player is on the ground or not - Reduced fall damage when landing in water by even more - Blindness no longer disables flight - Fixed a bug where taking off from slabs was impossible Hunger - Wheat is now edible again Racial changes Bat Ponies - Added a loot table to Improved Fishing and added some new items - Changed Lacerate; the initial damage has been removed, and the damage over time now ticks every 2.5 seconds, and does a total of 4 + 4 damage - Buffed Screech; the range is now 25, from 15 - Reduced the cooldown applied when casting Swipe, Stab and Lacerate to 0.5, 1 and 1 seconds, from 1.5 across all skills - Fixed juicy fruits again, and added more types of juicy fruits - Fixed a bug where Screech applied damage resistance to the targets Changelings - Sticky Resin is now edible again - Nerfed Drain; it now does 2.5 + 2.5 damage/heal, from 3 + 3. Range reduced to 5 at all ranks, from 6 + 3. Mana cost increased to 38 + 10, from 28 + 5 - Changelings disguised as endermen and blazes now properly takes damage from water - Changelings disguised as chickens can no longer fly - Changelings disguised as players can only fly if the target player has a skill point in a flight skill - Changelings are now unable to use weapons/items while in certain morphs - Changelings disguised as certain small morphs take 75% more damage - Nerfed Share the Love; removed the damage resistance effect, and reduced the regeneration duration from 5 seconds, to 4. Eating the item consumes some hunger points to trigger the effect - Nerfed Absorb; mana gain is reduced from 40, to 30 Earth Pony - Added a cooldown on Apple Farmer and Golden Apple Farmer; cooldown is 15 and 90 seconds, respectively - Reduced the cooldown on Throw Dirt from 24 seconds, to 18 Pegasus - Potentially improved the collision detection on Hailstorm - Reduced the cooldown on Hailstorm from 75 - 7, to 57 - 7 Sea Pony - Added a loot table to Luck of the Sea and added some new items - Finalized Swirl; you spin around, dealing damage to all nearby targets within line of sight - Added Quick Recovery; oxygen recovers at a faster rate while in water, and grants a small movement speed buff while out of water - Buffed the oxygen recovery rate while in water, from 3.5 to 4.0 per second - Added Craft Respirator; this allows the crafting of the water armor that allows Sea Ponies to be out of water for a significantly longer time - Added Thick Scales; grants a damage resistance buff, as well as an absorption buff - Fixed the issue where the oxygen warnings showed only once and never again - Fixed an issue where oxygen could regenerate beyond the maximum amount - Fixed a bug where Drag and Carry would cause rubberbanding effects when the two entities were too far apart Unicorn - Nerfed Enchanter; the minimum cost for enchantments is now 1 level - Removed Dimension Group Jump - Removed one skill point from Teleport Group and rebalanced the stats - Dimension Jump requires level 15 in order to be obtained now - Added Hold; will lock a target in place for 5 seconds - Added Dispel; will cleanse all nearby entities (self included) for all status effects, both negative and positive ones - Disarm will now grab a random slot that does not contain weapons and swap that with whatever the target is holding - Changes the cooldown on Deflector Shield from 240 seconds, to 150 seconds - It is no longer possible to teleport through liquids. Unicorns may still teleport to liquids, or out of them, but not while submerged - Hopefully fixed teleport damage once and for all (Restored protections that were considered redundant and previously removed) Movecraft changes - Tweaked radar detection ranges -- Larger ships should be more visible on the contact list, while fighters and submarines are less visible. A list of nearby piloted ships can be listed using /contacts - Minor bugfixes to Turret and TorpTurret - Removed water as a valid block from ImperialCutter Crackshot - *Tweaked racial weapon ammunition - *Added Sea Pony racial ammunition. All crafting commands should be accessible using /craftammo *Update on hold for the time being due to some technical issues Miscellaneous bugfixes - Fixed a bug where players descending down ladders would take fall damage - Fixed minor typos - Fixed an incorrectly specified parameter in Runic Shielding from Malevolent Mob drops - Fixed a bug where players were unable to specify banners crafting through a crafting table as town banners
  13. After some research and thinking, a method of handling Hold in a non-obnoxious way for the target player was found and tested. The current plan is to remove Dimension Group Jump, remove one skill point from Teleport Group (and re-balancing the stats), then add both Dispel and Hold. Judging by comments from various players, and this poll, it has been concluded that Dimension Jump, Hold and Dispel are all wanted. Dimension Group Jump may be restored or merged with Dimension Jump, if desired. Any thoughts?
  14. The issue has been located, and a fix has been implemented. The fix should be added to the live server in a day or so, batched together with the rest of the updates before this week's combat round. I apologize for the inconvenience
  15. Right, the group version of the skill will definitely go. However, it sounds to me that the regular version still has some use? Dispel is a good suggestion in my opinion, and it sounds like people absolutely could have a good use for that. It would most definitely aid in quite a lot of situations. I'm a bit skeptical to any hold abilities to due how obnoxious they are for the target player. Depending on how this is implemented, the FoV is reduced to nearly zero (which happens when being massively slowed), or results in very awkward movement (cancelling movement from server side), resulting in buggy behavior. I'm all in favor of replacing the group jump with dispel, but replacing the regular jump with hold? That seems a bit less ideal. Thoughts?