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  1. Just to spite you, PVS will not shut down for another 3 years anyways you need to do whats needed, I dont know anything your school system, hopefully it means you'll actually get somewhere
  2. This is alot of information to take in, However I will say this, it has gotten the admin team's attention
  3. if you have the MLP mod setting set to both, you'll get normal humans and ponies, depending on the skin
  4. either way welcome to pvs
  5. technically its an alternate dimension if you read the comics and take EQG as canon, since the Mirror sunset used was a link between dimensions that starswirl had made, accoridng to the comics
  6. Welcome to Ponyvillesquare
  7. been fixed
  8. All potions seem to be broken with the error "sorry this item is disallowed "
  9. yes builders have super picks still
  10. Umm wrong section of the forums for introductions
  11. You can be a builder again you know, and welcome back
  12. Coal x Axonn, as for the second one, I didn't know there was a first one thats my fault
  13. You know the drill....
  14. to make PVS great again, make a thread and post your ideas :P

    1. Mystic



    2. FLASH



  15. "And this completes my plan to take over the world, now begins the glorious era of the empire of Char"