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  1. even concepts work, since things can be made off of concepts
  2. the only person on PVS to use the term kek is Looks mostly, since James doesn't technically exist anymore, anyways welcome to the sever, to get freebuilder you'll have to get an admin online while you are online
  3. eh slimefun ok, tookbox might need to be tweaked
  4. alright I got it, I'll have to add it to col eventually
  5. would the races be implantable with the current system?
  6. a music bot would have to be shoved in its own channel since its technically spamming
  7. its the internet, unless you speak verbally, no one really knows what gender you are
  8. Informaiton would be useful, music just eats bandwidth imo, as for a multipurpose one that depends, what purposes could a but even do?
  9. what do you mean pretend to be female, all I did was put on a celestia skin and everyone assumed I was a woman
  10. I guess it could be left in, sometimes a bug can be turned into a feature
  11. does this use double the resources?
  12. why? I did it for 11 years
  13. I don't know if I should care, or not, naw im good, you keep doing your thing and we'll see you on the next episode! AKA TL:DR