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  1. As a warning if you log out in the end, you face possible inventory wipe, as the end is supposed to be reset daily
  2. Slimefun teleporter disabled temporarily till exploit can be fixed
  3. until I've determined how to balance it, its on hold, so patience, its just a matter of when, not IF
  4. Slimefun updated to v4.1.6
  5. actually it tried to self update and broke itself, fixed now
  6. Disabled Holograms for toolbox
  7. "The end" added
  8. actually wouldnt most of this null the earth pony?
  9. Sensibletoolbox added
  10. sounds like the black plague
  11. Time: Saturday April 29th at 1PM EDT Place: Ponyville on PonyvilleSquare! (/warp ponyville) The time has come to welcome spring And all things warm and green it's also time to say goodbye It's winter we must clean How can I help? I'm new, you see What does everypony do? How do I fit in without magic? I haven't got a clue! It's that time of year again, Ponyville has been under snow for too long so we're going to need everypony to lend a hoof and help wrap up winter! No matter what your special tallent we'll help you find your place on one of the teams as we pull together to welcome spring, the Earth Pony way. Any pony can participate but you must be registered (so, Freebuilder rank or higher).As well as clearing the snow there will be lots of other jobs that need doing, so ponies can join one of the following teams if they wish: Weather Team Animal Team Plant Team (You don't have to join a team, it is just for fun! You don't even have to say what team you are on, or anything! If you don't have a Winter Wrap Up skin, but want to show that you are part of a team, you can get a vest from the chests in the Ponyville Town Hall.) At the start of Winter Wrap Up we'll all meet up in Ponyville where the All Team Organizer will get us started clearing the snow and ice. Every team will have to help clear the snow, because there's just so much to do! You must use wooden tools only to prevent damage to Ponyville while you are clearing snow. Teams: The Weather Team led by Rainbow Dash with help from Pinkie Pie will also be responsible for clearing the skies above Ponyville as well as breaking the ice below. The Animal Team led by Fluttershy and Rarity will be in charge of waking the hibernating animals. The Plant Team led by Applejack will have the task of sowing their tiny seeds at Sweet Apple Acres. Of course, they'll need to clear and till the soil first. Once winter is wrapped up, then we have the most important job of all, partying! Ponyville style! As a change of pace, you're all encouraged to be in RP for the event, of course its completely optional, but RP will be allowed in G chat for this event
  12. MLP Canon event
  13. Hi

    Welcome to pvs
  14. LOL buffalo, how'd those work anyways in theory? just really strong?
  15. even concepts work, since things can be made off of concepts