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  1. your playing in blocks with your level cap in mind right?
  2. Hello in time you will call me, Master
  3. make sure you bug an admin on discord to get your rank back
  4. a sky dungeon is still possible in col 4
  5. Ignore looks, hes, different
  6. I also think some kind of advanced class like col2 had should return, reach level cap, choose advanced path, level up more
  7. Not saying its going to happen anytime soon, but its nice to plan out these things, get player feedback on ideas etc, so WHAT would you, the players like to see in the next Col?
  8. Welcome back and yes its possible, once your on the creative sever you can get your rank back, you can also give a shout on the discord and hopefully an admin will hear you
  9. Hello there
  10. Welcome to PVS
  11. I do like it when my subjects draw fanart of me
  12. - Fixed an issue in dungeons where a player who died without setting a bed would end up in a boss room
  13. UPDATE: As vague as this story is, its supposed to be, since its setting up lore, and key characters that will be appearing in the story driven events, the story is its own dedicated canon which will occasionally intersect with the actual MLP canon as well as potentially other things depending on player interactions with the story characters, the loose head-cannon I have for this story is NOT set in stone, your original characters can also play vital roles in this tale List of known story Locations: -Equestria -Equus -Earth -Tartarus On a side note, the original Villian I have planned for this will be making His return to Equus eventually, which will mark the first story event, it will also be a pre-schdueled event
  14. he's drolling like Homer
  15. also just how there's yayponies, theres a yaysteven now