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  1. ((I'm waiting for tech,))
  2. "I keep my guard up. And for a good reason." Brush said to the stallion. She sort of missed the point of the joke that he was trying to use. She was hesitant more than before because she wasn't too sure about this stallion. He seemed fine now, but she wondered about his anger. The creature was another concern. She was just about to ask him about what that was earlier, but she heard somepony approaching from around the corner. She turned around just as they came into her view.
  3. She heard him. But that didn't stop her from at least taking a small peek while this 'psycho' was distracted. After glancing around the corner as discreetly as she could, she found that the fighting had stopped. In fact, there was another pony there talking to... Wait. Was that even a pony? She ducked backwards for a second and thought about what she saw. There was one pony, and some form of creature. She would more than likely die if she fought it. "The fighting has already ended. But there's another pony there. I think they're talking." Brush said to Blaze hesitantly. She wasn't exactly sure. Personally, she wanted to get away from it. But something way in the very back of her mind kept her from doing that.
  4. @Aurora Once Zebez saw that the firewall was going down he got himself ready again, but he also took notice that he was worn out, really worn out. His body was exerting itself beyond its actual limits. He didn't say anything because his job was far from over. That and pride. Then he heard it, a spine-chilling roar from behind him that was filled with primal rage. What manner of beast could unleash such a sound? While Brush was coming in for the attack, she heard the roar. Her hair could be seen standing up on end as she fell in for the strike.
  5. @Technical Mercy When Brush saw the ball of fire go up and create the firewall to block Zebez, Charcoal, and Pyre, Brush became a bit worried. "Guys! Hang on!" Brush said. Brush readied herself upon Pain Tear's ((Pain Tear... Painter... I love the pun. Lol)) introduction. But once she saw the giant brush, her eyes widened. She dove out of the way of the giant brush and rolled behind her inky creation. Then she quickly started writing a spell command on a slip of paper. She remembered what she did to that ink ball that she created earlier when she removed the ink off of the Doctor. So she figured that she could probably mold this stuff. "These aren't just parlor tricks. You really are exceptional at magic. But..-" She slapped the spell on to the mass of ink and activated it. The entire stroke that the Alicorn had created began to shrink and mold itself. Finally, after a few moments, the ink had condensed itself into what appeared to be some kind of sword. The weapon lacked the finesse and curvature of a normal sword. And even the hilt looked a little wonky and jagged. The entire weapon looked more organic than built. The blade was visible, but there were edges and spikes. Not the best sword. Brush shrugged. She wasn't exactly happy with the design. But it would have to do. Maybe Brush could bludgeon her with it. ((Alicorn of the year! XD)) "You won't beat me at this game! Alright! En garde!" The Alicorn yelled as she attacked the... giant brush... and attempted to knock it away and come for Pain Tear. ((Since Pyre is a blacksmith, I'd bet he's looking at the sword like: ಠ_ಠ lol )) @FC_Dracsemi The instant that Zebez missed the shot and was going toward the floor, he knew that he was screwed. The shocked expression on his face said it. If he kicked the floor at full strength. Actually no... at full strength + the boost. He could be looking at months, or worse! And he would be greeted with a royal cereal bowl full of pain! Agony with every bite! However; that moment of adrenaline kicked his body into overdrive. And his attack boost, and everything else was immediately sacrificed and put into his defense. Every stripe on his body immediately expanded and covered him until he was no longer a zebra. He was a black stallion! The black was indicating that his defense was in full throttle. And his one uncovered eye flashed like a blue Christmas light. Zebez hit the floor with his hind hoof so hard that it shattered a huge hole into the floor with a resounding "BANG!". Debris flew about as his hoof easily dug into the floor like a hot knife through butter. After his hoof broke the floor instead of itself, he fell backwards and landed on his rump. After landing, his conscious brain was still in space somewhere. Zebez only had a moment to look down at his body, and see that it was completely different. It was all black! Then the stripes retracted back to normal, and he was a zebra again. As much as Zebez wanted to try and figure out what happened in that moment, he only had so much time to dodge as the fireball went up. He scrambled and managed to move out of its way just in time. "Pyre! Can you do that fire absorbing thing again?" Zebez asked.
  6. Brush almost scoffed. "Everypony has a lot on their mind. The ones who don't are probably dead." Brush stated. She started making her way back. When she spoke again she seemed to be more toned down. "I was in there mostly for shelter from the weather. But since we made such a commotion, I'll have to move." Brush paused a bit as she put her sword away under the cloak. "I'm... sorry about the bomb. It seemed to really upset you. But it was dark in there, and I got spooked because I wasn't sure what kind of weapon you had, or if you were planning to use it. I didn't want to take that chance either." Brush said.
  7. Like Blaze, Brush tossed what happened prior aside. "Unfortunately I don't have any duct tape." She said simply. "I thought that I could find some supplies in that store. But it was stripped. All I could do was try and make a fire." Brush said as she put her hood back up.
  8. @Technical Mercy @FC_Dracsemi Zebez started to utilize the new form of training that he was still undergoing. He focused all of his earth abilities/magic ~((tomato/tomato.))~ into his strength. It took him a few moments to do. But one thing to note that he didn't realize was that his stripes were wiggling as he was unknowingly drawing energy from his new defensive power as well. The process took him a few moments, but once he was done focusing, he charged forward. The Zebra leaped up, and came back down with a powerful double round house kick to the head. If the attacks land successfully, he will try and land on the ground, and dive to the side. Due to Zebez accidentally distributing power from his strange new ability to his strength, his defense is lower than he would ever want. But his attack is a bit abnormally high. @Unicorn Hunter @Doctor Charcoal Brush watched Pyre and Zebez dive into Fakelestia. But the alicorn also kept her eyes on Dr. C and Leona. Now that Leona was on the opposite side of the field, Brush had to make sure that she had both of their backs. Brush quickly dashed forward to where the other two were to try and close the distance. But by moving so fast, she was leaving behind a floating ink trail again. Brush knew that her mane and tail were feeling weird so she stopped just several feet away from Leona. Once Brush looked behind herself, she saw the black stroke that was quite literally painted into existence behind the alicorn mare. It was like the very air was her canvas now. "Wh-what?!?" The stunned Alicorn of the Stroke asked, like she just heard something that she was having trouble processing. She was stunned to see it a second time without having it launch her into orbit like last time. But as she looked at the freefloating mass that was about pony-sized in width, she started getting ideas... ((Your move Tech))
  9. @Unicorn Hunter The Darkling was hit. Once it fell to the floor Brush finished it off with a stomp. "Alright, you're obviously not going to burn me alive. So what is it?" Brush asked the stallion.
  10. @Unicorn Hunter I'm trying to figure a way out of it.
  11. @Unicorn Hunter @FC_Dracsemi @Cat Actor Brush was about to turn the corner and run away after he passed her. But she froze when he called out. She didn't get it. She was trying to figure out why he was chasing her down the street like this. But lack of energy was making it difficult. Her mind was so useless at this moment that it might as well have been playing a mental game of Tetris. Seeing no other option, and considering the fact that she did try and get away from him, she got into a fighting stance. Meanwhile; as FC fought the other Darklings, one of the small Darklings got away and turned the corner without FC or Enapay noticing. Now it was on the wall behind Brush, and was swiftly making its way to her. The blue mare had no idea that it was coming. But it was in plain view for Blaze. Back at the battle between FC, Enapay, and the Darklings; A second Hunterling came out of the shadows and moved towards Enapay.
  12. Zebez ducked down and rolled to the left as fast as he could. It still got him, and it hurt a lot, but oddly enough, it wasn't as bad as he thought. Which was strange, but he pushed that thought aside. Brush wasn't sure how strong this attack was, nor did she want to test it on herself. She dove to the side, and out of the way as well. But she let her wings extend her jump a bit. She was careful not to fly due to fear of repeating what happened earlier. And she was going to check this later. Brush also made sure to stay within Leona's vicinity so she could aid her and the Doc as well. But the alicorn wasn't quick to scoop them up just yet. Mainly because she was curious to see how Leona would handle herself in a combat situation. The zebra padded himself. That scorch still burned like hell fire. And it blackened some of his coat. If he took another shot like that then he wasn't sure if he would be so lucky. However; Zebez was furious now. This... thing made him look like an idiot. He wasn't about to let it get away with that! "You dare disgrace the ally of my tribe?! I will have your head demon!" Zebez yelled. Which probably wasn't a good idea. But his field of f***s to give was barren at the moment.
  13. Waiting for tech. Edit: Also, Aurora and I have given her our votes. Lol
  14. Brush ran for a bit more until she reached an alleyway. She pulled out the machete, and put her back to the wall to listen and wait. But there weren't any hoof steps that could be heard. Even if there was, it was raining. After a bit more waiting, there didn't seem to be anypony comming. She wondered if he gave up the chase. Brush looked around the area, and there was nothing. The worn out unicorn let out a breath. And then she heard him coming again! She backed herself into the wall again and used her cloak to hide herself. Once he passed by the alleyway that she was hiding in, then she could go back. But that was only if he didn't notice her. If he did spot her, then she would have to engage. ((And don't worry about UP. I'll post after tech.))
  15. ((I forgot to say that the shadow was you FC Lol! But yeah, I'll go with this.)) Regardless of the other one's aid with the Darkling, Brush kept the pace up. The mare glanced around and spotted only five small face-huggers. She turned a corner just as another one leaped at her, she grabbed it in her magic and tossed the creepy little bug at her pyro pursuer.