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  1. Yup! I vote it
  2. Brush hoof bumped the mare. "My name is Brush Stroke." Brush said, then looked behind the mare to see if something was chasing her. "Do ponies run around in a blind panic often? I've already seen it twice, and now I'm starting to think that it's a trend that I wasn't aware of." Brush wondered as she put a hoof to her chin. "Hmm... Anyway, where are you headed off to Cleclara?" Brush asked as she pushed the crazy thought aside.
  3. Brush knew that teleporting a vast distance like that again, and after a huge battle would drain everything she had left. As much as she knew that she needed to check up on Aurora, she couldn't do it until she recharged what she lost. "Yeah, we can do some shopping." Brush said. Then her ears perked up as she heard the incoming pony. Brush turned around just in time to see the mare, and she used telekinesis magic to try and help the mare stop. Zebez walked in and saw the ponies as they talked. He took note of their state as well. "It looks like you had your fair share of this place as well. What exactly did you fight here?" Zebez asked as he took a look around.
  4. ((I'm alive as well! XD)) Brush levitated the flower up and smiled at Leona. "Thanks Leona." Brush said warmly as she put her left front hoof on Leona's shoulder. "The forest is a wonderful place. Not exactly my cup of tea. But I can appreciate it enough. At least more than the tea-suckers up in Canterlot." Brush joked as she thought for a moment about where they could teleport. Once she found it, she focused on that spot in Ponyville. There was a flash, then the two were gone. With a bang, Leona had appeared in the main plaza of Ponyville with Brush standing next to her. "There you go Leona! Back home!" Brush stated with a gesturing sweep of her hoof. "Granted; I don't exactly have a mental image of where you live so I kinda guessed that the main plaza would suffice." Brush then put a hoof to her blue chin. "Actually, I didn't exactly memorize my house location either." Brush muttered under her breath low enough so Leona couldn't hear that blunder. Zebez had just arrived back in the main room where Pyre and the others were when Brush and Leona had left. Seeing how there was no transportation, he decided to traverse back on hoof with the rest of the squad. "Is everyone accounted for?" Zebez asked the guards.
  5. Brush was outside waiting for Leona to catch up. "Once we get you back home, I gotta check up on Aurora." Brush said, while also noting that Leona offered to get that critter out. That aside though, Brush had a bit to think about Aurora now. And despite also being extremely curious, she thought that maybe Aurora had a bad experience while fighting in there. Truth be told, Pain Tear was was starting to make Brush sweat a bit. So she wouldn't be surprised if Aurora had it bad as well.
  6. ((You're welcome to jump in again anytime. also. Congrats Tech! Lol))
  7. ((Oh cool lol))
  8. ((Did I mess up? Or did this die? O_o))
  9. @MasterDarkNight @Unicorn Hunter @Technical Mercy @Aurora Brush's scan did pick up something, and she immediately recognized it as dark magic. But she also picked up the traces of Pain Tear's demonic magic. "Where do ponies keep learning this stuff?!" Brush muttered as she continued picking up more traces of leftover magic. However, as soon as she felt Baron's magic her eyebrow raised. "Well... Thats even more interesting." Brush said. Brush turned to Leona. "I got everything that I need here. We should get going." Brush said. Zebez looked around the room and turned to the other guard. "Alright. We should join the rest." Zebez said. He turned around and left the room to rejoin the group that Brush was with.
  10. Brush looked back at her tail after Leona mentioned it. "This is something that I haven't seen before. And I've been alive for a long time." Brush said as she flicked her tail. The tail left behind a small stroke that floated in the air for a bit and evaporated. "I really don't know. All I know is that my mane and tail seem to consist of some kind of magic, inky, mass now." Brush said. "I'm going to need to experiment with this." Brush turned back to Leona. "I don't think your bad habit is all that bad. I'd bet that if you learned more about it, you could summon swarms or something." Brush suggested. "Just let me know when you're ready to go." Brush's horn began to glow again as she cast the same spell that Aurora reacted to. But it quickly dimmed as she looked around for a moment to make sure no other ponies would react badly to it. Once she confirmed it, she began scanning the area for any magics.
  11. @Technical Mercy ((I know that feel dude. Lol)) Zebez walked up to the guard mare while Brush was communicating with Leona. "When we arrived, Aurora took lead and so far, it seems that he has taken care of the summoner problem. Meanwhile, Brush Stroke, Leona, Forge, and I took care of their minion over there." Zebez gestured a hoof to where Pain Tear was frozen to the floor. "It looks as though we have successfully subdued the trouble-makers. But to make sure, I am going to make a sweep of the area and make sure there are no stragglers. If there are, take them in for questioning." Zebez said then he walked off to the summoning room.
  12. "hm?" Brush said as she snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Leona. "Oh... no, it's fine. Aurora has his reasons for acting the way he does." Brush said. She took note of the sword that Leona chucked to the side. "Won't you need that sword to get back through Everfree?" Brush asked.
  13. Brush had a confused look on her face as she watched Aurora walk away. She didn't understand why he scowled at her when all she wanted to do was help the mare. However; she did feel that something was up with that pony. And Aurora's reaction only made Brush suspect it more. Luckily; Leona's question was able to redirect Brush's attention. Brush took note of the sword that Leona held. "Now that the action appears to have subsided, I almost don't see why not." Brush said to Leona with a small smile. ((Hey tech, is there anything plot related here? Just checking. Lol))
  14. @Unicorn Hunter @Aurora @Technical Mercy Brush nodded to Leona. "It'll give me a chance to recharge my magic a bit anyway." Brush said. She trotted over to the mare on Aurora's back. Zebez had trotted to the other side of the room to the exit. He stood there for a moment as his ears adjusted position. He was keeping his ears open, and guard up in case anypony, or anything came at them. When the mare guard arrived, Zebez looked over to her. "How many more are with you?" He asked. Brush looked at the guard as well. But only for a moment to recognize that she was in the room before turning to Aurora again. But now she focused to make sure there were no strange magics at play.
  15. ((Now that you mention it. He has been away for quite a bit.))