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  1. ((I hope this didn't die))
  2. lol
  3. Brush smirked. Pain Tear activated Brush's trap card. ((Yup... I'll just go sit down now. Lol)) Just as Pain Tear became a drawing on the ground, Brush made a clenching gesture with her hoof. "Ice wave!" Brush called out the spell as it activated in the air over the strange pony's head. The little ki blast condensed then exploded into an icy shockwave that expanded, and instantly froze the area around Pain, just as Leona passed it. Leona would only slide across the icy floor. But luckily, the ice didn't go to the wall so Leona would hopefully still be able to halt herself before face-planting. But Brush hoped that the ice would freeze Pain Tear to the floor.
  4. *snip*
  5. @MasterDarkNight No it's cool. I like it a lot. I plan on having Zebez train as well. Lol
  6. Agreed.
  7. What exactly is it? this was before I came into brohoof.
  8. @Senpai Sapphire @Doctor Charcoal Brush came into view of the small settlement. As she looked at it, she wondered how so many ponies could be in one concentrated area like this and not know of each others' existence. Brush wanted to move along, but her stomach let out a huge, gurgling, growl that would be audible to ponies nearby. ((Trying to be interactive with a introverted character when I've only ever played extroverted types... lol))
  9. "Thank you for asking. But I am fine." The strained Zebra said. But he started to get up none the less. "I suspect that the demon is trying to isolate Brush. Either that or she's trying to divide and conquer." Zebez took a breath before continuing. "I need to go find something to provide Leona with. Before we get stuck behind another firewall. Just make sure that the demon doesn't get the upper hand." Zebez said. Then he got moving to the other side of the room. He had no energy left for anything special, but that breather allowed him to at least get up and start moving again. As soon as Brush saw the canon and where it was pointing, Brush held out her hoof toward it. At this rate she was guessing, but she hoped this paid off. The ink that she had leftover hovered at the end of her extended hoof as a black ball. The ball of ink shrank and began to glow light blue as Brush compressed it. She continued until it couldn't be compressed any more by her magic. By the time she was done, the ink matter was the size of a mere bullet where as before, it was the size of a baseball. Some sweat could be seen running down the side of Brush's head. Brush was going to fire it with enough force to knock the cannon upward. But she didn't make it, the canon fired before she had a chance to stop it from annihilating the armor. So Brush diverted her attention immediately on Pain Tear. Brush aimed the hovering ball of ink that was glowing with light blue magic at the opposing Pain Tear. A glowing ring with various runes on it also appeared around the ball, indicating that Brush was enchanting another spell into the tiny projectile that she held. "Suck on this!" Brush dared Pain just before she fired it like a ki blast, with a loud bang emitting from the attack. The glowing ball whistled through the air, as it hurtled to where Pain Tear was. ((a bit of reference for Brush's attack
  10. ((Um... is tech alright?))
  11. ((you have mine. But if the RP becomes too fast then I might have to bail out.)) Brush's mind mulled through what happened back there. That creature didn't attack everypony like it looked like it should. And the stallion with the whip weapon seemed comfortable around it. But the other stallion didn't seem to like the company. That was probably the only thing that they could both agree on. The mare sighed in agitation, in spite of where that situation went as she reached the area around where the smell of food was coming from. She heard the clanking of dishes, but she had no intention of interaction. However, her stomach was growling in loud protest. Demanding that she feed it. ((Sometimes what I type gets mistranslated, probably because of my own mistakes, don't know, don't care lol. But just to clarify really quick. Brush's stomach is "practically" demanding Brush to feed it. Brush isn't demanding anything, she is still silently walking by the area where Solar and Emerald are... alright... I'll... be over there now.))
  12. Thanks man!
  13. I love DBZ and MLP. So I made this really quick. This is the last of BS drawings for a bit. I got other things that I'll be posting for a while.
  14. Brush swore from the look on Leona's face earlier that she was going to up and leave. But seeing Leona return almost made Brush grin just a bit, despite the fact that Leona probably would have been safer. But the Alicorn figured that the mare did have a job to do. So Brush decided that she would defend Leona while she was doing it. Brush spotted a sword in a heap of armor and turned to the mare. "Leona, do you need a weapon?" Brush asked.
  15. It wasn't just these ponies, it was his angry threats that was worrying her. He seemed set on burning others. At this rate, she didn't need an open invitation. This situation was exactly why she feared others, and it only solidified her decision. She didn't feel like seeing others get burned, or being burned herself. So while Blaze was caught up, having his moment, Brush ducked into another alleyway. But for some reason, she almost regretted leaving, she didn't even get to know the other two. Brush reached the other side of the alleyway, and was in a new part of Manehattan that she didn't recognize. There was a faint smell that her nose was catching. Somepony may have been cooking.