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  1. Brush had a confused look on her face as she watched Aurora walk away. She didn't understand why he scowled at her when all she wanted to do was help the mare. However; she did feel that something was up with that pony. And Aurora's reaction only made Brush suspect it more. Luckily; Leona's question was able to redirect Brush's attention. Brush took note of the sword that Leona held. "Now that the action appears to have subsided, I almost don't see why not." Brush said to Leona with a small smile. ((Hey tech, is there anything plot related here? Just checking. Lol))
  2. @Unicorn Hunter @Aurora @Technical Mercy Brush nodded to Leona. "It'll give me a chance to recharge my magic a bit anyway." Brush said. She trotted over to the mare on Aurora's back. Zebez had trotted to the other side of the room to the exit. He stood there for a moment as his ears adjusted position. He was keeping his ears open, and guard up in case anypony, or anything came at them. When the mare guard arrived, Zebez looked over to her. "How many more are with you?" He asked. Brush looked at the guard as well. But only for a moment to recognize that she was in the room before turning to Aurora again. But now she focused to make sure there were no strange magics at play.
  3. ((Now that you mention it. He has been away for quite a bit.))
  4. @Aurora @FC_Dracsemi @Unicorn Hunter @Technical Mercy While Brush was searching, she glanced at Pain and noticed that Pain had indeed been defeated. "Yes." Brush answered Leona as she looked at Pain... "I guess sealing Pain for interrogation would be rather silly. Since we are going straight to the sorce." Brush turned around and started walking through the doorway. But she remembered that Aurora had brought a passenger. She turned to look at him with a bit of concern. "Aurora, will she be alright? She looks-" Brush took a moment to look over the mare. "-like she was in a dog fight." Brush said.
  5. After retrieving Brush-in-a-jar, he trotted over and hoof bumped Leona. "Yes. I was sent here by the the Royal Sisters themselves to intervene." Brush also chimed in; "I came here because I needed to. Simply ignoring my duty on or off of vacation is not optional!" Brush shifted her attention to Zebez. "Now Zebez. Do me a favor and break the jar please." Zebez looked at the confined alicorn inside the jar. "Will you be hurt?" He asked. "No." Zebez chucked the bottle into a wall. Once it broke, Brush popped out and flopped to the floor. After dusting herself off, she started searching herself for another seal. Zebez turned back to Leona. "You did a great job fighting alongside Brush, Leona." ((Is Pain Tear defeated????))
  6. Brush trotted up to the frozen deity and looked at her. "She won't be going anywhere. As long as I have magic, this ice stays. But she may have held us up for too long. We need to get to the summoning room immediately before this gets any more out of control. " Brush said before she summoned a magic Thaumcraft jar that normally holds viz. but she enchanted it for occasions such as this. She popped open the cork. Getting ready to seal the demon inside the jar. "As for you." She said to Pain Tear. "-You are far too dangerous to let loose. I'll have to take you to the Sisters to see what they want to do with you. ((I decided to roll a dice for this move. But I rolled a "1". I was hoping for a "3" or higher. The sealing Jar is the wrong jar.)) The magic jar didn't work. Instead of sucking the demon in, and sealing it, Brush got sucked into the magic jar instead. The jar fell to the floor with the alicorn inside, and rolled up to a wall. Brush could be heard grunting inside the jar as it bounced about. It finally stopped for a bit as she sighed. "I forgot that I reorganized the jar shelves two days ago back at the library. I grabbed the wrong one." Zebez began to walk over to Brush. "Is everypony else alright?" He asked.
  7. I have been drawing non-stop for the passed month in a half. Needless to say, I have improved. Here's Boo! From Fallout Equestria! Back to the cutting board!
  8. ((I hope this didn't die))
  9. lol
  10. Brush smirked. Pain Tear activated Brush's trap card. ((Yup... I'll just go sit down now. Lol)) Just as Pain Tear became a drawing on the ground, Brush made a clenching gesture with her hoof. "Ice wave!" Brush called out the spell as it activated in the air over the strange pony's head. The little ki blast condensed then exploded into an icy shockwave that expanded, and instantly froze the area around Pain, just as Leona passed it. Leona would only slide across the icy floor. But luckily, the ice didn't go to the wall so Leona would hopefully still be able to halt herself before face-planting. But Brush hoped that the ice would freeze Pain Tear to the floor.
  11. *snip*
  12. @MasterDarkNight No it's cool. I like it a lot. I plan on having Zebez train as well. Lol
  13. Agreed.
  14. What exactly is it? this was before I came into brohoof.
  15. @Senpai Sapphire @Doctor Charcoal Brush came into view of the small settlement. As she looked at it, she wondered how so many ponies could be in one concentrated area like this and not know of each others' existence. Brush wanted to move along, but her stomach let out a huge, gurgling, growl that would be audible to ponies nearby. ((Trying to be interactive with a introverted character when I've only ever played extroverted types... lol))