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  1. Oy, do you think they call it sand because it's between the sea and land? What am I even saying lol
  2. "I don't mind," the earth pony replied. "I happen to need something from the market district anyways. It's only a convenience, really." That was partly a lie, but as much as Leona wanted to head home and take a rest, she also didn't want to show Brush her rather... messy home. "Anyways... what are you going to do now? I suppose waiting for the criminals to be apprehended and then returning straight to work would be boring." The mare's eyes lit up once she thought of something. "How about we find you some new furniture to buy? You're still new to Ponyville right? You'll need somepony to guide you around, and to show you where the shops are, and..." Leona had began muttering to herself something about a pink pony throwing a welcome party, before turning to look at Brush. "... sorry. You would perhaps like to rest first?"
  3. lol yea.. ok #yure banned
  4. Maybe five
  5. Why haven't I changed my profile pic?
  6. Trotting up to Brush, Leona offered a flower she had found on the ground. "It feels as if too many things have occured today, so I might need a rest. Good news is there are simply so many things in this forest which relax and inspire me." The earth pony took a moment to appreciate the forest's beauty, before awaiting Brush' teleportation spell.
  7. Leona thought about what Brush had said. She had no idea why she would want to summon swarms, but the idea seemed too intriguing to let the thought go. She had never met anypony who had come up with such an absurd idea for Leona's animal affinity ability. "Sure, let's go," the cream colored earth pony replied, trying to clear her thoughts. She had heard something from the guards, but she hadn't paid any attention.
  8. "I wasn't lying when I said I could talk to the spider back at your home. Talking to animals is a bad habit of mine, but... somehow, it works," Leona informed Brush, struggling to believe her own words. Her ability to command animals was no ordinary feat, yet she had done it ever since she moved to Ponyville. "If anything bad comes, I'll have the wildlife at my side." "Which reminds me, didn't you have trouble with your mane and tail earlier? What was that, anyway?"
  9. "Oh snap, I almost forgot!" Leona exclaimed. "I don't even know how to use swords!" And with those words, she threw the old weapon towards the wall with seemingly disappointed gestures. "Welp, it's not as if we would ever need it, right?" The earth pony had completely missed Aurora and Brush' recent interaction, making her wonder why Brush had been so deep in thought. "Want to talk about it, or should I let you head home?" she asked the midnight blue alicorn.
  10. @Brush Stroke Leona trotted towards the old piece of armor from the battle earlier, only to find it broken from that one cannonball. The sword was still intact though, so the earth pony gleefully picked it up and carried it towards Brush. "Are we done here? Or do we still have time to gather souvenirs?"
  11. FC_Dracsemi @Technical Mercy @Brush Stroke Leona turned to face Dani, before glancing towards Brush. "Now that you mention it; should we take a moment to check on injuries, or at least regroup?" The earth suggested meekly. It wasn't as if she wasn't confident in Brush' decision - Leona had reason to follow the alicorn's advice to due superior blood and ranking in the hierarchy. Despite this, Leona really wanted to know if everypony were okay, but she also knew they had to end this ritual.
  12. @Brush Stroke "No need to thank me. I only did it because the forest is kind of special to me," the earth pony mare explained, turning to face Brush. "I take it you're attempting to find the culprit behind this? We should maybe hurry then? No use in sneaking around anymore."
  13. "I don't recall ever introducing myself," Leona told Zebez, offering a hoof. "N-Not that I'm important! I, uh... only followed Brush for advice." The earth pony cleared her throat, before introducing herself. "I am Leona Stardust. I hail from a small town in the eastern part of Equestria. Say... you weren't by any chance heading out here to put a stop to these troublemakers' plans?"