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  1. @Brush Stroke Leona trotted towards the old piece of armor from the battle earlier, only to find it broken from that one cannonball. The sword was still intact though, so the earth pony gleefully picked it up and carried it towards Brush. "Are we done here? Or do we still have time to gather souvenirs?"
  2. FC_Dracsemi @Technical Mercy @Brush Stroke Leona turned to face Dani, before glancing towards Brush. "Now that you mention it; should we take a moment to check on injuries, or at least regroup?" The earth suggested meekly. It wasn't as if she wasn't confident in Brush' decision - Leona had reason to follow the alicorn's advice to due superior blood and ranking in the hierarchy. Despite this, Leona really wanted to know if everypony were okay, but she also knew they had to end this ritual.
  3. @Brush Stroke "No need to thank me. I only did it because the forest is kind of special to me," the earth pony mare explained, turning to face Brush. "I take it you're attempting to find the culprit behind this? We should maybe hurry then? No use in sneaking around anymore."
  4. "I don't recall ever introducing myself," Leona told Zebez, offering a hoof. "N-Not that I'm important! I, uh... only followed Brush for advice." The earth pony cleared her throat, before introducing herself. "I am Leona Stardust. I hail from a small town in the eastern part of Equestria. Say... you weren't by any chance heading out here to put a stop to these troublemakers' plans?"
  5. @Brush Stroke @Aurora Leona turned to face the recently arrived ponies. Her face lit up with relief upon recognizing some of the individuals. "I'm glad backup is here. We managed to get one of the threats under control," the earth pony informed, nodding towards the frozen painting on the ground. Goddesses know how long Brush' spell would last, assuming Pain Tear could still do anything about her predicament.
  6. In the distance, far away from Emerald's settlement, stood Blaze watching the ponies gathering. He could recognize Brush and Enapay from where he was hiding. The stallion was intent on feeding his stomach, and to get his revenge on the orange pegasus stallion. His left eye was covered with an eyepatch due to a recent incident which may or may not have involved Enapay whipping Blaze' face. Because of this, Blaze feared facing the pegasus stallion head-on. The unicorn doubted he would even bother fighting fair and square anyway. Backstabs and betrayal was more of his thing, and it was so predictable seeing other ponies utilizing this in the same way. Blaze felt he had lost his reason for trusting anypony. What did he get for not backstabbing Brush? Ungratefulness. Next thing he knew, an orange pegasus would whip him in the face, making him lose an eye in the process of doing casual interrogation. And why shouldn't he be mad when there was a darkling right in front of him!? While Blaze was busy cursing the world, he failed to realize these unfortunate events were due to his violent and destructive nature... Not to mention his flawed logic and wicked sense of morale.
  7. Trust me, I prefer focusing on player interactions and creative solutions rather than rolling dice. It was only in this case that the thought came to mind. Glad you're still here, though ;^)
  8. @Technical Mercy "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!!" Leona exclaimed as she stopped her gallop, right before nearing the wall. The earth pony mare had not predicted Pain Tear would return to the drawing form. "Hey, no fair! I was so close!"
  9. With Tech still busy, I'd suggest rolling dice to decide the outcome of Brush' attack. Just to get the fight going.
  10. 'Okay, new plan,' the earth pony thought as Brush fired her spell. She was tired of running around, and she figured fighting -- even if unarmed -- would prove to be better than being a burden. In the case the ki-like blast would miss Pain Tear, Leona would follow up with a few kicks if she had to.
  11. I think it's safe to assume most will be busy during winter holiday
  12. The earth pony found herself at a disadvantage, and immediately halted her galloping, watching as the cannon blew the set of armor apart, along with the sword. Instead, the mare galloped up to Brush, hoping to help the alicorn defend herself from Pain Tear.