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  1. ((Waiting for Tech or Brush. It seems the former hasn't been on since monday.))
  2. @Brush [email protected]_Dracsemi Blaze muttered under his breath, glaring at the abnormal pony. "Nevermind them. you wanted to leave, right?" the stallion asked Brush, feeling uneasy.
  3. "I don't blame you," Blaze told, turning to look at the same ponies Brush had spotted.
  4. @Brush Stroke "Knowing you so far, I got a feeling you'd throw a bomb at them if they even move an inch," Blaze joked, trotting up next to Brush. After quikcly peeking around the corner, he immediately retreated back to Brush. He didn't quite get the time to study the situtation clearly. After waiting a few seconds for Brush' orders, Blaze noticed the mare's expression. "You seem slightly nervous." Or at least; that's what he thought from her hesitant attitude.
  5. @Brush [email protected] Charcoal Leona, after having sneaked around the room and staying close to the walls, nudged Doctor Charcoal to do something. The situation seemed to have grown even worse. It looked as if both Brush and Zebez didn't even know what they were doing! "Do you suggest we should run away while they distract the traps?"
  6. @Brush Stroke "I wouldn't go that way if I were you. That's where a psycho fighting the darklings is," Blaze pointed out, warning Brush. "I'd rather you wouldn't die just yet. Your corpse would make a boring addition to the piles of corpses already in this city." Alright, that might've been exaggerating. Blaze would have to remind himself to read books on how to persuade ponies whenever he got the time.
  7. @Brush Stroke "What do you expect to find anyways? Didn't everypony in Manehattan take everything and leave? I'm just here for the scrap and... stuff," Blaze commented. He doubted the mare even cared about what he had to say. There were far more important things to do. For instance, hiding from potential scoutlings. The commotion they had caused was bound to attract more of the darklings. "Look; I'm sorry for shouting at you before. I'm usually not in such a bad mood. Just got a lot of stuff on my mind."
  8. @Brush Stroke "Believe it or not, there's a reason I called out to you," Blaze told, trotting up to the corpse to retrieve the spearhead. "You don't have any duct tape, by any chance? Nevermind what happened earlier. I'm just here to salvage what's remaining in Manehattan just like every other pony in the city." The stallion told casually. "Or... what remains of it."
  9. .
  10. @Brush Stroke "Now that you're finally listeni -" Blaze stopped himself mid-sentence, his eyes' pupils shrinking to pinpricks as he levitated his broken spear's tip. Nevermind this conversation; it seemed as if the stallion was an utter maniac! With semi-careful precision, the unicorn telekinetically threw the shiv towards Brush' direction, barely not hitting the mare, before it hit the darkling further back. It didn't quite look like the darklings was dead yet, though. The stallion's job was far from finished.
  11. @Brush Stroke After hilariously running past Brush, making a sort of cartoonish gag in a post-apocalyptic world, it seemed as if Brush would escape Blaze succesful- Nevermind, Blaze turned just as Brush was about to leave, spotting the unicorn mare in the alleyway. "No more running away!" Blaze exclaimed, facing the unicorn mare. With his weapon broken, and his will nearly shattered, he faced the scavenger with a tiny glimpse of hope. Things wasn't looking good for him, and he doubted he could predict Brush' next few moves. He decided not to underestimate the unicorn from now on.
  12. The earth pony didn't want to know what the spherical fireball of death would feel like, but Leona totally misread Brush' movement. The former ended up dodging in the opposite direction than the latter went, the two now being on opposite sides of the room. She glanced back towards Brush, before diverting her attention to the armored enemy. Too bad Leona had no weapons on her, nor could she think of any ways to help them yet. She still took note of the old walls of the ruins, just now noticing how the whole place felt so fragile and unstable. She wasn't quite sure; the mare could only guess the roof would fall down on them if they caused too much of a commotion.
  13. voteAgain.exe @Brush Stroke Ok Brush, are you posting?
  14. @[email protected] Stroke On second thought, FC was either too powerful for Blaze to bother interfering, or simply unstoppable against bloodthirsty, mindless drones which could easily take down an unsuspecting pony. Blaze turned around and decided to continue running after Brush, intent on getting outta there.
  15. Blaze could in no way anticipate the mare throwing a darkling at him. It was only by his reflexes and his spear-in-telekinetic-grip he managed to slap that thing midair. The action both sent the darkling flying off somewhere else and broke the spear completely, showing just how useless that weapon even was. 'Whatever. I never really was good at making weapons.' Blaze stopped tailing Brush, diverting his attention to the commotion which happened behind them. He spotted somepony dealing with a few darklings. The stallion considered whether to run away from this area, or to help out the poor fella. Blaze decided to run towards FC, and thus began doing so.