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  1. Come join our region! https://www.nationstates.net/region=the_boicelands_legion
  2. I have informed the developer about the issue and am waiting a response.
  3. Our site uses cloudflare. Incase you haven't heard, Cloudflare has patched a memory leak, where about 0.00003% of all HTTP requests potentially leaked data. I got an email saying that we weren't affected However, I would strongly urge that you change your password on our site, and any site that uses cloudflare. Now a days, that's pretty much all of them though. You can read more about the issues here.
  4. taken care of
  5. Malev items work again
  6. Get Liteloader here: http://www.liteloader.com/download#snapshot_11120 Get daFlight here: https://github.com/killjoy1221/DaFlight/releases Get MineLittlePony here: https://github.com/MineLittlePony/MineLittlePony/releases
  7. Cannons are fixed
  8. Trotsky is not a col developer. As of right now, there are no plans to add additional classes.
  9. Hearth’s Warming Eve Tree Building Contest! ~It’s that time of year again! But we can’t have presents without a good tree!~ /warp hwetree2016 ~Pick a single plot, and build the best tree! The one that wins the contest will have it’s own spot in Ponyville during the course of the full HWE event~ ~The contest will close and the trees will be judged on December 19 Players can only pick one plot However, you can team up with others in a single plot (one plot per team)~
  10. Thread.currentThread().interrupt();
  11. are back. 2016-12 is up. /w derp1
  12. do not post more than one intro.
  13. If you don't have a liteloader profile made for 1.10.2, then yes.
  14. When all of our plugins are ready to update, then we will.
  15. Yes, we are still on 1.10.2. You need a 1.10.2. client to connect.