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  1. Our site uses cloudflare. Incase you haven't heard, Cloudflare has patched a memory leak, where about 0.00003% of all HTTP requests potentially leaked data. I got an email saying that we weren't affected However, I would strongly urge that you change your password on our site, and any site that uses cloudflare. Now a days, that's pretty much all of them though. You can read more about the issues here.
  2. taken care of
  3. Malev items work again
  4. Get Liteloader here: http://www.liteloader.com/download#snapshot_11120 Get daFlight here: https://github.com/killjoy1221/DaFlight/releases Get MineLittlePony here: https://github.com/MineLittlePony/MineLittlePony/releases
  5. Cannons are fixed
  6. Trotsky is not a col developer. As of right now, there are no plans to add additional classes.
  7. Hearth’s Warming Eve Tree Building Contest! ~It’s that time of year again! But we can’t have presents without a good tree!~ /warp hwetree2016 ~Pick a single plot, and build the best tree! The one that wins the contest will have it’s own spot in Ponyville during the course of the full HWE event~ ~The contest will close and the trees will be judged on December 19 Players can only pick one plot However, you can team up with others in a single plot (one plot per team)~
  8. Thread.currentThread().interrupt();
  9. are back. 2016-12 is up. /w derp1
  10. do not post more than one intro.
  11. If you don't have a liteloader profile made for 1.10.2, then yes.
  12. When all of our plugins are ready to update, then we will.
  13. Yes, we are still on 1.10.2. You need a 1.10.2. client to connect.
  14. The IP is mc.ponyvillesquare.com and you need the Java version. Windows 10 edition cannot connect to our server. You also need a valid Minecraft account to connect.
  15. Make sure that the IP you are using to join the server is correct, make sure that you are using the correct minecraft version to connect, and see if other users on the server you are trying to connect to are also having the problem. If you're trying to connect to our server, then our server is running fine.