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  2. Col 4 Capture Points : June 24,2017 First Capture Results Mill All points - Newer Home Mine A - Ravens Hollow B - Newer Home C D - Airavata Clay Pit A B C - New Charcoaltropolis D - Newer Home Mushroom All points - New Charcoaltropolis ==EVENT OVER NEXT ROUND MOMENTARILY==
  3. welcome to the server!
  4. Hey! Nice to see you around! Welcome to PVS!
  5. Yup! I vote it
  6. Brush hoof bumped the mare. "My name is Brush Stroke." Brush said, then looked behind the mare to see if something was chasing her. "Do ponies run around in a blind panic often? I've already seen it twice, and now I'm starting to think that it's a trend that I wasn't aware of." Brush wondered as she put a hoof to her chin. "Hmm... Anyway, where are you headed off to Cleclara?" Brush asked as she pushed the crazy thought aside.
  7. Elderflower (sambucus spp.)
  8. Reindeer milk Reindeer have been herded for centuries by several Arctic and Subarctic people including the Sami and the Nenets. They are raised for their meat, hides, and antlers and, to a lesser extent, for milk and transportation.
  9. Erm, Hello. I'm a big fan of the Mine little Pony mod and I thought it might be a good idea to make an account... Here... I a really awkward person. But I can be pretty funny when I try~ So, there ya have it. I hope you folks are nice.
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  12. welcome back! glad to have you around
  13. Welcome to PVS =)
  14. Hi, I'm Seth. And I've been a part of brohoof for a long time. And I already did this before. But I like drawing and animating. I already have an HD skin. I was friends with basically everyone on brohoof. And I helped in the fundraiser. Seth is back. Hi.
  15. OHHHH THANKS! But I've already fixed it lol. But that's good to know!
  16. update on the pony clicker:
  17. You can do it by changing the second and third pixel in your skin. Here is the color you should use (look at the left) : So you can decide how small your tail will be.
  18. the guest star is me in tears, crying with sadness and visibly upset
  19. i just did a Depression Marathon of s7 im so glad everyones fav bg character finally got her mum and dad revealed.. a blessing
  20. The steel golem shrieked, this time leaping at Crucifix, going for rapid, stabbing strikes. Crucifix dodge and parried what she could, using her magic she sent the creature flying forward, rolling onto the ground. "I'll distract it, you hit it from behind. Maybe we can at least stun it." She said to Silver, charging forth at the beast. One by one, more of the sorcerers were picked off, though Gertrude suddenly rose into the air, summoning a large, blue glowing ball of arcane energy and slamming it into the coming troops, sending several flying back, others simply disintegrated by it. She broke another crystal, one of the fallen ones dropped by her comrades, summoning a bright green scythe. "Well, that's enough of that." She disappeared in a blur as more soldiers came charging forward, this time flickering in and out of visibility as she quickly struck through the soldiers, one by one. Now and again, and AWC soldier would fire off their rifle in an attempt to kill her, only to have their bullet magically redirected into either themselves or an ally. In the distance, the telltale howl of a werewolf was heard, among the groaning of what must've been thousands of ghouls, charging toward the front line. The vehicle sounded another blaring horn, firing its cannon into the coming horde. The sound of more vehicles, and hundreds of hooves, came from behind the trenches. Platoon upon platoon of Equestrian army soldiers charged toward the front line, crystal weapons or rifles in hand, moving alongside the massive mechs that marched toward the front line, their cannons now firing in unison.
  21. Welcome to PVS! Glad to have you around!
  22. The Republic went bankrupt. Time to join the Empire.

    1. Mystic


      oiii if you needs money i can loan you out some from me nation

  23. Hello everyone! I am Brushwork, also known as FlyingDragon123! I am pleased to join the server!
  24. Last week
  25. These were released in australia a few days ago. Who can name the guest star?
  26. your playing in blocks with your level cap in mind right?
  27. Airstrike looked over at Deja as she was struggling trying to carry a weapon that seemed a little oversized for her. "Don't crystal weapons have the ability to revert back to crystals? Because, I'm not sure you can carry that thing all by yourself."
  28. Deja knocked Airstrike on the shoulder. "A purple heart wont help you recover any quicker, try to stay in one piece than going for medals." She said smiling. Deja picked up her rifle and slung it over her back, she looked like she was a quite overloaded carrying it. "I wish this thing was more compact..." She muttered. Silver shook his head to clear his vision, but the throbbing continued. "Thanks for the save Sarge." He said meekly. Using his wings he pushed off from the ground and went to parry the Steel Golem in the hopes of providing an opening for which one of them could follow through on.
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