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  2. I figured out a good strategy with Dark. Basically remeber how his Illusions only work on those who believe them be it by fear or by simply believing in them. Basically I combo that with Dark Magic Intimidation, Persuasion, and Charisma spells Plus a bit of agression with normal attack spells. I can step into Hypnosis a bit to and boom I have a pretty strong character who spawns in an army to intimidate people! If they get out of hand I can attack them with it. Of course this will take my character time to train and master.
  3. ahhh ur profile pic cute


  4. Welcome to PVS Eclipse Shine! I hope you enjoy being a part of the community
  5. Not many of the old people are on so it would restart with the same characters. Or idk start where it left off we can have a poll about it. I am glad to see someone who feels like me. Welcome Back Silver Bullet!
  6. So... my pony OC's name is Eclipse Shine, and my MineCraft username is havokhoffman. I'm a lesbian, a goof, I like anime, Steven Universe, MLP (duh), video games, drawing, writing, doing voices.... Yeah, just nerd stuff, basically. Also, if I come off as a bit slow in this, it's because it's five in the morning where I am right now. T-T MAKE ME A FREEBUILDER/WHITEMANE!! plz lol
  7. thanks R9, and that cute twilight pic made my day lol and yeah i'll be back if i remember i was gonna put "(don't worry char i'm joking)" but then i didn't know how to word it lol and thanks char
  8. Hello everypony, I have been meaning to do this formally for awhile, but I feel somewhat compelled to put an explanation up for the events that have kind of happened with me and PonyvilleSquare recently, as I am under the impression having discussed it with a variety of people that my position may be unclear to some people. I firstly want to state that it was never my wish or desire to leave PonyvilleSquare. I care about the community and the friends I've made here, and this wonderful server that's been a pretty big part of my life for the past year and a half now. My choice to leave was based on the logic of where my position was at the time, as well as where my interests lie so far as playing My Little Pony in Minecraft, and how things have played out over time. I will not attempt to persuade you otherwise of your opinions that you have made of me over my time on the server, I'm sure you have your reasons for viewing me in which ever way you do. I would simply ask that you understand what the situation looked like from my prospective, and why it made sense for me to pursue the course of action I took. As most of you who know me here are aware, over the last 6 months or so, I have been on a somewhat uncertain path concerning the direction I should take as a member of the server. I like the server very much and want to contribute to it, however at the same time I felt pretty weak and like no one would listen to me regardless of what I said. This is not exactly the most pleasant, or workable kind of situation to be in. It perhaps might have not been the reality of the situation, but it was nevertheless my perception of it. For the first few months I tried to continue helping out as best as I could considering what I thought I was capable of doing. However over time it seemed to me that my participation in the server was not really developing along the same lines as the direction I was going, and I did not feel capable of either helping in the direction the server was moving in, or continuing in working in my interests, considering my access to the required material resources to progress in either direction. Overtime, the resulting lethargy left me somewhat depressed, as I did not feel able to be of any active participation in the server I enjoyed. Every possible task I could have under taken towards the benefit of the server, was for me, best done outside the server. This includes any building projects I would undertake, as building outside of PVS on a private server where access to building tools is unrestricted, is much easier and more efficient for a given effort, than going without those tools within the PVS server itself. Therefore, it would be more practical for any PVS building project I wanted to do, for me to do it elsewhere, and then just submit a schematic file of my work to the administration. This steadily got worse, until pretty much I concluded that the only thing I could really do on PVS was interact with my friends there, which was significantly easier to do through the chat program Discord, so I started spending less and less time on the server, and more of my time in chat. Also during this time and through discussions with friends, I realized that I just fundamentally was not interested in the COL survival server. Though I was developing the Outlands world at the time. I completed that project hoping that others would be able to enjoy it, but by the point I really knew it just was never going to be for me, and it would be best for me to break my ties to it completely, which would mean getting rid of my town and all the rest of my connections to it. My town was at the point nearly completely inactive, so it made sense to me that any players within my town, would be best seeking to be in a town that was active and going to continue, or in starting a new town on the foundations of CCCP under their own vision, than continuing with what I knew was going to eventually break and collapse due to neglect, because I simply was not interested in the game at a fundamental level. After that, I continued most of my minecraft projects I had with Mystic, who owns what is now Enclave Equestria. The idea being I would be able to continue my work with him, in a place that I was not limited to being completely incapable. This continued on for awhile and became the "PVS test server" idea, where me and Mystic could develop and test stuff for PVS and work on adding new features in a separate medium. However, this method of development fairly soon led to some pretty intense anxiety and mistrust between members of PVS and me and Mystic. The resulting rift in relations has remained ever since pretty much. This added stress of interaction combined with a position I thought was already hopeless so far as me having a plausible future with PVS and wanting to contribute. Eventually led me to conclude that the best course of action would be to leave PVS and continue development independently, as a stand alone server developing separate ideas. I discussed this with Mystic, and together we reset up the server he called "Enclave Equestria" My ultimate idea with this was to create a server more focused on roleplaying elements than on PVS's building focus. I do wish to apologize to those who I have hurt in the course of my actions, I know that the choices I have made have not been without pain and anxiety to those around me. I would reiterate that I very much enjoy and appreciate this server, and it pained me as well to leave. Some of you may never forgive me for what I have done in doing this, but I would like to strive towards trying to make amends for the past. I am ultimately just a person like all of the rest of you here, and I do not wish for the decisions I made to prevent maintaining positive relations with those who play here. It was never in my intentions to cause harm to the community by leaving, I simply became desperate and saw no other valid option. However, it is well within possibility that I may have made an error in assuming that the goals and directions of this server are in fact so very different than those I am interested in. So in all due respect I would like to ask the administration and the server as a whole if it would be okay for me to post a summary of the sort of direction me and Mystic are taking Enclave Equestria in, as it may yet to be to both of our mutual benefits to put the pain of the past behind us and work together again. Thank you for taking the time to read my long and somewhat depressing speech. I know for some of you discussing me is not a pleasant topic. I wish it could be otherwise. but such is the situation as I am currently informed it stands, and I can only thank you for considering this request despite the harshness that has led to it. Sincerely, HellSteedTrotsky
  9. Name: Zane_Mahan Gender: Male Race: Alicorn Age: 10 Appearance: green eyes, brown fur, white tail. a Bell collar, and a white chest Cutie Mark and Special Talent: Cutie mark: Mistle Toe, and spreading christmas cheer!!! (he is a christmas raindeer pony) Personality: Outgoing and friendly History: Zane was born 10 years ago, from ruldolph the red nosed raindeer, and he has been helping santa-pon3 with delivering presents every year to every good boy and girl Other: nope 1
  10. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. I really want to play MLP in Minecraft because I got the MineLP mod. So I started look around for MLP servers. I found this. Then I asked how I can join survival because I like that better than creative, and they told me I have to post here to become a FreeBuilder. So here I am.
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  13. Hot chocolate and marshmallows
  14. Peanuttbutter and strawberryjam
  15. Just to spite you, PVS will not shut down for another 3 years anyways you need to do whats needed, I dont know anything your school system, hopefully it means you'll actually get somewhere
  16. You'll come back, you'll miss us too much otherwise. All the best with your last year, you can do it!
  17. Our site uses cloudflare. Incase you haven't heard, Cloudflare has patched a memory leak, where about 0.00003% of all HTTP requests potentially leaked data. I got an email saying that we weren't affected However, I would strongly urge that you change your password on our site, and any site that uses cloudflare. Now a days, that's pretty much all of them though. You can read more about the issues here.
  18. this year, it's important i focus more on school work. Since you know, it's my last year of school I'll maybe be back after november, and will be graduated so that's gonna be interesting wooh finally or maybe no woo year 12 isnt fun here anyways i'll sometimes post stuff but really i won't talk anymore or come ingame unless its the holidays for me or the end of the year because i'll be alone and depressed with 6 months with no other people around until i start uni next year so i'll need people to interact with but yeah, i'm on DA all the time (which i need to train myself to stop using as well) so find me there thanks for being cool guys. this is probably not a true goodbye but if i do forget... well yeah also if the server shuts down or something between now and then (because idk) - WITNESS MEEE *sprays silver onto mouth and drives off into the distance* bye for now
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    faces make it for me

  20. This is alot of information to take in, However I will say this, it has gotten the admin team's attention
  21. Last week
  22. ah, gotcha. thank you for answering, it's more clear to me now! (and yea, having it be possible later on to switch if you're a master might be a good addition!) its a vry good idea imo!!1
  23. Something like this would be amazing for this site. Any advert in a high traffic area can be helpful
  24. This would be entirely up to the admins. Personally I do not see an issue with it, but I know that plains is meant to be for builders only. However, Party Planners would not have permission to build in the showcase worlds other than placing signs and interacting with chests.
  25. Take my small question: Will Party Planners of the lowest rank have access to plains?
  26. 1. At first I read this as "Why can't I be both?" But now I see that you're asking "Why can't I switch if I get tired?" Since both are important, I will answer both at once. The reason that trees are locked once you choose them is because of the way permissions have to be set up. It would be a hassle of rainbow puke colors and permissionson the server due to having to create custom "in-between hybrid classes." It might be possible at a later date to allow players to switch trees if, and only if, they have reached Master rank and been at that rank for a minimum amount of time. (For example: 2 months.) 2. The Master rank is designed to be extremely difficult, yes. But a lot of this difficulty is heavily mitigated by having already built houses of each style in your spare time as practice. When you take the test, then you can copy that which you've already built. The test is not testing only your ability to whip up a new design that quickly. It is testing your preparedness, efficiency, and ability to be modular. 3. I have heard that the server will begin to be advertised soon, so we may see more players on a more regular basis. However, this is a valid concern. All I can say here is that it is up to the Party Planner to advertise and plan a party that gets people interested. 4. I forgot to add this into the main post, so I will have to do that. Thank you for asking! The way I had it conceptualized is that, in those cases, the Master ranks will "bid" for their idea to be chosen. The admins in charge will review the options and choose the one they feel best suits the event. 5. They will do both. There's not really a limitation there. They will ensure that RPs go according to the rules set forth, and they will work with builders to create venues for RP events if they so wish. They can reenact scenes from the show. The sky is the limit, as long as it's appropriate and obeys the rules.
  27. ok so i skimmed over and insane wanted some Feedback(tm), so heres my 2 cents. please note i have some issues with reading blocks of text and i mostly skimmed over this but tried to get as much info as possible out of it. first off it looks really nice! it's a very cool idea 9.5/10 1. i think it might be more beneficial to have some sort of option to the whole.. "you can only choose which rank to 'profess' in once!!!! thats it!!!" because what if you become a master planner, and then a while goes and you go "man, i wish i could be a builder and make cool builds instead". i noticed old builders can crossjump to the planner, but if there's anything else about this!!! please do tell me 2. four houses? in four days? at 9/10 quality? i get that this is the master rank for builders and has to be hard so u can get the Best of the Best, but isnt that a lot to ask? i feel like 2-3 on 5 days would be better if you want outstanding houses - some people are really fast and good at building! and others do take a while, maybe because they don't have time to sit 5-6 hours and build one of the houses for a day and do that 3-4 days in a row 3. while i love the party planner ideas as a whole, i feel like it might fall flat - AFAIK we don't have 20+ people online unless it's peak day because we got mentioned in EQD or something (has that happened at all? not sure. feel free to correct me on the peak levels of pvs i never notice) and so any events with the exception of the gala, etc. might end up having few people online. having a set schedule and all for these things are still cool, but it might be a bit demoralizing if a party planner spends a ton of time on an event (ie.... halloween?) and 3-4 people show up because others simply dont have time or there's not enough interest. just some thoughts i think. im sorry i tend to ramble 4. just a question, actually - say that the......... summer gala is coming up!!! and 2-3 of the advanced/master planners all want to plan for it. do they all work on it, or do they pull straws to find out who's gonna "lead" it etc? 5. another question! im sorry i'm really curious about the planners as a role - when you say "roleplaying events" in general, do you mean like.. rp mods? or that they set up different events to be done via roleplay etc? :0
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