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  4. ((Waiting for Tech or Brush. It seems the former hasn't been on since monday.))
  5. Somewhat Updated to 1.11.X (also didn't use those candycane textures) Planning to fix Activated Rails soon
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  8. I should do more pictures when im not walking on dead feet
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    Hello there
  10. ((I'm waiting for tech,))
  11. ((No one? I was waiting for @raptorvelo but I will post if he doesn't.))
  12. @Brush [email protected]_Dracsemi Blaze muttered under his breath, glaring at the abnormal pony. "Nevermind them. you wanted to leave, right?" the stallion asked Brush, feeling uneasy.
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  14. FC came into view. As soon as he saw Blaze, he gave him a look that said "I'm watching you."
  15. Adorable! Very nice art style. I'd like to see more.
  16. I love the console, but asking for a subscription just to matchmake my Splatoon games is pretty damn rich, especially since the game is practically useless without it. The fact they literally give you an antique game every month and then take it away again doesn't exactly sweeten the deal, even if the service itself is fairly cheap. The launch lineup isn't that much of a problem since I only fixate on a few games on consoles these days (due to money and lack of general interest in triple A games), but the subscription service is a real load of rubbish. I'm predicting one or more of these things will happen after launch: -The console price will be decreased like the 3DS was, causing Nintendo to make a loss on each console, but a net gain due to overpriced accessories and games. -The console will come bundled with a game such as 1, 2, Switch! for the current RRP (which everyone thinks should be the case anyway). -The online service will allow players to keep the games, rather than just borrow them for a month. Nintendo will say this is because of their 'commitment to their loyal fans', but it will really be because 90% of Switch users have not purchased the subscription service. This may very well not happen if the subscription service is say, £2 per month or about £25 per year, though I doubt this given Nintendo's ambitious asking prices. Like I said, I love the hardware, and I can handle the lower relative power and battery life and lacklustre launch lineup. The price is steep in the UK (£280, geez, that should be more like £250 based on the US price), but I might be able to justify it if I see a game I really have to play. I won't be getting it on launch though, the cost-benefit analysis just doesn't work out for me. I always stand by Nintendo as one of the best and most professional gaming companies out there, but they still need a kick up the arse when it comes to serving their customers, and I'm disappointed that they didn't play it extremely safe and customer-centric after what happened with the Wii U. I'd say it's because they never poke their heads out of the Japanese domestic market, but I don't even think this is really a good value proposition there either. Brand loyalty only goes so far, guys.
  17. I'm a Jerk

    1. R9000


      Nahh man. You're a swood dude.

  18. Me: Boy howdy, today's gonna be a good day!

    Supervisor: Hey, we're gonna pull you over the other department.

    Me: Boy howdy, today's gonna be a day!

  19. What a compliment !
  20. But Breath of the Wild is already confirmed for the Wii U, and I'm going to assume most people who want a switch, already own a Wii U. Odyssey looks good though, but it'll be a while before we see that one The only reason I put a pre-order in was because I was hyped for No More Heroes, it just seems silly to me to spend 300 dollars on a game I'll play through twice. But that's just me
  21. As hyped as i am, i have to agree they could have had stronger launch titles, but games like breath of the wild and Odyssey were enough to say yes i want this. And i'll be damned if I don't play Mario Odyssey
  22. I've got mine pre-ordered, but the more I think about it, the more I don't want it I dunno man, nothing too exciting for me so far. If nothing else game changing gets announced before release, I might cancel
  23. It's already out
  24. You look like a girl from my school, except with a face that doesn't look like a failed abortion
  25. Welp, we finally got the big reveal a few days ago, with a few game trailers as well. So, may as well start a discussion thread since i haven't seen one yet. What do you folks think of the new console and games? Any specific wants?
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