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  2. The world is getting more tense than ever. I recommend the further use of the Serious Topics sub-forum for debate on current events. Talking about the current news is always interesting.

  3. All of Europe is in turmoil as the French go to the polls for the second round. The two current candidates, a liberal-centrist and a far-right conservative, have done what many have called the impossible: beating the mainstream parties in the first round. The results of this election can mean anything. While we've had the election of Donald Trump, and the vote on Brexit both last year, both high-profile conservative victories, the Dutch elections resulted in a more left-leaning triumph. But it's obvious that this election will shape Europe as we know it for as long as time goes by. So what do you think? Who would you vote for? Would you abstain from voting? Feel free to discuss anything relating to this current event. Serious Topic rules apply.
  4. "I-... uh..," Albion almost choked on the small bar of food he had been eating, "I'm not.. I mean... I haven't joined the military yet, so I don't think I can answer that question."
  5. "Only thing I was told was that it was very important you got the message. Whatever it was it seemed urgent", he said. He turns to look to the other ponies next to her. He recognizes Shadow and Silver from the stories, but doesn't recognize the other pony with them. "So...", he starts, "How's civilian life been treating you guys?"
  6. She turns quickly as Airstrike lands near her, nearly reaching for her weapon. Though she tense, she visibly relaxes as she realizes that he is not a monster. "Top brass, eh? I'll see the letter, then." She opens up the scroll with her magic.
  7. Airstrike had been flying all over town looking for the pony he was supposed to deliver the message to. After flying around for almost an hour, he spots a hooded pony that matches the description of the Sergeant Crucifix he heard about in stories from his fellow comrades. "Sergeant! Wait up!", he yelled from above. He then landed in front of her, panting, and looking very tired from all of the flying he did to find her. "Sergeant! I'm Specialist Airstrike. I was told to deliver a message to you from the top brass." He opens his bag and pulls out the letter to give it to her.
  8. "Can't do that." She looks around. "There's a betting pool on what I was and where I was born before the fall. 300 Ration Ticket pool, I hear. Ten tickets get you in." She chuckles.
  9. "Hey if you need a travel companion, then I'm always up for a trip to your homeland. Got all the time in the world, you know, being immortal and all." He grinned. Silver leant forward slightly. "So is this the part where you tell us all about your home life Sarge? Finally going to let us in on all the juicy details eh?" He teased.
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  11. Shadow sighed. "Yes I do... but I have hope that my eyes will see warm sands again. My lifespan allows... it's the only good thing about that curse." He said still with a smile, he was trying to stay positive.
  12. "I wouldn't assume. There are ponies applying for a spot in Shadowfall all the time. It's unlikely that just one got in." She said simply. "And you, Shadow? Do you miss home all that much?"
  13. Albion had closely followed once they had left, only bothering to quickly grab a few items that he would munch on the way. After Crucifix had responded to him, he kept his mouth shut for the time being, only listening to the ensuring conversation by what seemed like people who actually knew Crucifix. ((Sorry, responding is rather limited during school time. I'll try to keep up as much as I can though ^^))
  14. ((Trust me it's not always like that. You guys keep doing your thing. I'll show up in a little bit.))
  15. "Hey, Home's here for me now. I've got my family and that's all I need. Ponyville is just a place overrun with monsters now." He said blatantly. Silver eyed the newbie. "So what's the deal with the new blood? And is it just him?" He asked.
  16. ((Doctor Charcoal hasn't responded, so I'll be able to give him a chance while I leave for work. In the meantime, here's my (most likely) last post for the day.)) Crucifix simply started trotting towards town square, looking back towards Albion. "Don't be a stranger. Come." She said, turning her head back to Silver. "Seem both of you are getting rather homesick." She said, opening the small box of hardtack with her magic. She took a small cracker from the package and bit into it, with a loud crunch that wasn't exactly typical of bread.
  17. ((Geez everyone else in the military sounds like an asshole)) Silver placed his items in his saddle pack. "You know me Crucifix, wherever I'm needed. But if that happens to be a tropical island filled with rare species I haven't yet documented and no monsters, then I'll be all the merrier."
  18. Airstrike eventually arrived at the base headquarters and approached the secretary at the front desk. "Got your hooves on one of those shiny new rifles, eh?", she said. "You're lucky! Those things are still experimental, so it's not like they're giving those things away like candy. Anyways, what can I do for ya, Specialist?" "I was told to report here for my orders after I paid a visit to the armory. Do you know anything about that?", he replied. "Oh, yes, you're the one the General asked for. He told me that you had to deliver this to Sergeant Crucifix A.S.A.P," she said. She placed the letter on her desk in front of her. Airstrike had a surprised look on his face. "Wait a second... Do you mean THE Sergeant Crucifix?! The leader of Shadowfall?!" "Yes, that Sergeant Crucifix", she said. "Now head to town and get this to her before I ask these nice MPs to escort you out the building!" Without a second thought, Airstrike took the letter off the desk, put it in his bag, and quickly flew into town as fast as he could.
  19. "To a desert far away across the sea into the east." Shadow joked, he had a smile in his face.
  20. The line passed, and everyone got what they needed. Crucifix led the others away, finishing her cup of tea and placing the tin in a backback she was carrying, a relic from the expedition long ago. "Anywhere in particular you'd all care to go?" She asked.
  21. Shadow came up and asked for his stuff. "Hello sure I want some sugar and bread please." He said.
  22. After a few minutes, the Quartermaster returned from the back room with Airstrike's gear and placed it on the counter. Airstrike grabbed his dark-brown jacket from the counter, which had his expert sharpshooter patch on one arm and his rank on the other. Just as he was about to grab his rifle, he noticed a saddle bag sitting next to it. He looked inside and discovered a small group of magical gems with different colors. He looked up at the Quartermaster and asked, "What are these gems for?" "Oh, those", she replied, " are for your rifle. Let me show you." She grabbed a gem from the bag and picked up his rifle. "This rifle, here, is actually something new the ponies in R & D came up with. From what I understand, it works just like any other rifle you're used to. However, it comes with a nice little add-on." She pointed at a small slot on the butt of the rifle that looked it was made for the gems in the saddle bag. "Supposedly, if you put one of these little beauties," holding up the red gem she got from the bag, " in this slot here, it charges the bullet with some magical effect that makes it do different things. I'm guessing this red one here can set your target on fire, but you'll have to figure out which one does what, because I don't remember everything they told me about the gems." She then hands over the rifle to Airstrike, puts the red gem back in the bag and hands that over to him as well. "So, I get a new tool for the job that supposedly does something cool when it shoots and you have no idea what half of the gems do? I would feel safer carrying a pack of dynamite!" "Watch your tone, Specialist. I don't want to have to write you up for insubordination", she said. "Sorry ma'am", he replied. "Anything else I should know before I leave?" "There is one thing...", she said. "Each gem can only be used for a single shot and can only be recharged by a unicorn who knows the spell to recharge them. OH, and I almost forgot...", She goes under the counter and brings a rifle scope. "Can't be a true sharpshooter without one of these!" Airstrike takes the scope, attaches it to the top of the rifle, puts the rifle on his back and does the same with the bag of gems. "Now, you better go before you get in trouble for taking too long. Dismissed, Specialist!"
  23. Silver handed over the tickets and placed his wallet back into the pouch on his vest. The 55 tickets he had to pay for the ingredients were a small price to pay for one of his sisters homemade cakes. "Thank you."
  24. Brush had a confused look on her face as she watched Aurora walk away. She didn't understand why he scowled at her when all she wanted to do was help the mare. However; she did feel that something was up with that pony. And Aurora's reaction only made Brush suspect it more. Luckily; Leona's question was able to redirect Brush's attention. Brush took note of the sword that Leona held. "Now that the action appears to have subsided, I almost don't see why not." Brush said to Leona with a small smile. ((Hey tech, is there anything plot related here? Just checking. Lol))
  25. "That'll be 55 Ration Tickets, please." The clerk spoke. The filly came with Crucifix's request, in a small paper bag. The mare took the bag with her magic, nodding in thanks to the filly.
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